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The Fiat 500 is an accessible classic of authentic Italian cars

  • Want a Fiat 500? Now you can buy new 2024 Fiat 500e After November.
  • But if you want the original, an Italian company has restored classic models from 1957 to 1975.
  • Vehicle construction can start for less than $10,000, including the vehicle, and Real Italian Cars is happy to ship the complete vehicle anywhere in the United States.

City car fans, set your calendars to November 2023. That’s when Fiat North America will unveil the American version of his 2024 500e. But as exciting as it is for stylish EV buyers and for Fiat’s current lineup in the US, the return of the Cinquecento isn’t the only one. A new Italian company builds a classic 500 restmod. Singer’s 911 again Cyan Racing Volvo P1800You don’t need a second mortgage if you buy it.

It’s hard to find a more specific and apt name in the automotive industry than Real Italian Cars. First, the new shop is headquartered in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Secondly, the focus of this business is to restore the original Fiat Nuova 500, an Italian automotive legend. And third, co-founders Amedeo Provenzali, Anthony Peacock and Mattia Vita all have ties to Italian automotive culture. For example, Vita is a working rally driver and Peacock is a consultant for Pirelli Media and has written articles for numerous automotive publications.

‘We’ve been friends for a long time,’ Peacock recently said car and driver Over the phone, he expressed his love for the Vintage 500. But “there were millions of these Fiats made, and they’re a bit of an extinct breed,” he says. The trio wanted to keep what was left “to save something for the future.” It started as a hobby, and our first customers were mutual friends who asked for repairs. But “unwittingly, we were creating a business that encouraged more people, especially future generations, to own classic cars,” he said.

For this business, Real Italian Cars takes on all Fiat 500 models from 1957-1975, from the base 500D to the open-air 500 Jolly with its amazing wicker seats. The shop’s services range from simple exterior modifications to interior and engine work, to complete restorations and custom overhauls. This includes relatable contemporary touches like a stereo with Apple CarPlay. Before asking, yes, the shop has already received a request to recreate the Abarth.

If you don’t want to go full scorpion, you can have Real Italian Cars replace the original air-cooled 499cc twin engine and crash gearbox with a Fiat 126 powertrain. More grunts are brought in thanks to a bigger powerplant (594cc or 652cc depending on the donor’s model year) and gear synchros. Peacock’s personal 500 has 126 swaps, testifying that “the extra power and synchromesh really make a difference.” Given that a 1957 500 vehicle can’t even reach 60 mph, and that he’s 40 minutes longer than he’s 1 mile in some ads on YouTube, we’d take him at his word. I tend to put it away. Plus, thanks to Syncro, you don’t have to grind or double-clutch to drive your classic around town. You can enjoy your daily vintage more easily. dolce vita.

It seems that it will become more and more convenient from now on. Peacock said Real Italian Cars is currently prototyping and testing the Nuova 500, which has been converted to an electric car. “The only thing that gives me headaches at the moment is the brakes,” he said, as the battery now weighs more. But aside from that, the classic Fiat is “the perfect car to be EV,” he argues, because of its simple mechanical qualities. If all goes well, the EV conversion option could become available by late summer 2023. If that schedule comes to pass, there will be two EV Fiat 500s to choose from in the US in November.

Literally, Real Italian Cars is taking orders from American customers and arranging delivery. Peacock said the company already has a client from Florida and a California resident who wants to take a summer road trip to Italy in a new little Fiat. Registration processes for the 500 restored 1957-1975 vary by state, but all of these cars are fine under the 25-year rule. So are all but the last of the 126 models, which are exempt from California smog inspections.Basically if you have the money you should have no problem driving these resto mods in the US

When it comes to money, you don’t need a crazy amount. You pay the “friend fee”, as if your business was just a hobby for your friends (Real Italian Cars is based in London and can use British slang). Builds of this shop start at 9000 euros. About $9800 at today’s exchange rate. This includes the cost of the donor vehicle. As with any Resmod operation, the more you customize, the higher the price. Also, the starting price depends on the particular HIS 500 model. For example, restoration costs for the original Jolie start at just over $27,000 for him. But considering that the original non-rattan Nuova 500 is priced at his $10,000 to $20,000 these days, the price is surprisingly reasonable.

How much would it cost to recreate Lupine III’s 500?

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