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The coolest cars of 2023… so far

It has become a certain trend at BMW to launch a high-end version of the M-car a few years after the original M-car was launched. It feels like a planned obsolescence or intentional downgrade, but the result is a nice special edition that looks like this: M3CS.

Just like the M5 CS, adding these two letters to the M3’s trunk badge turns the sport sedan into the corner animal it’s supposed to be, with less lethargy and more drama. 543 horsepower, a retuned chassis and lighter weight make for a car that allows him to go 100 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds. However, we suspect that BMW has again become conservative in its performance estimates.

With its special trimmings, unique headlights, forged wheels, carbon-infused bonnet and standard M carbon buckets (but not for the rear seats), this M3 has all the ingredients to rack up tons of cool points and instantly turn it into a classic. The coolest cars of 2023… so far

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