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Tesla unveils third ‘master plan’ to reach sustainable energy economy

  • Tesla held its Investor Day event today in Austin, Texas, hosted by CEO Elon Musk.
  • Much of the talk was about the company’s “master plan.” This is all about sustainability now.
  • There are also rumors that the Model Y and Model 3 will receive an update soon.

“There is a clear path to a prosperous, fully sustainable planet.”

This isn’t how most car companies’ investor presentations start, but Tesla’s investor day presentation Austin, Texas today.

The event was billed as the third in automaker Musk’s long-term strategic outline for the upcoming Tesla master plan. in short, First TMPfrom 2006, more expensive sports cars ( Original Tesla Roadster). The second is followed after the first decade, expanding Tesla’s range to include solar roofs with battery storage, expanding the company’s product line to “cover all major segments,” developing safer self-driving capabilities, and Tesla found a way to “make money for you when you’re not around” by using it. ” Not all aspects of these plans came to fruition.

Tesla’s new masterplan

Musk’s third master plan shifts its focus globally. “Tesla’s purpose is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” the company said today, calling its latest plans “a path toward a fully renewable energy future for the planet.” is.

Musk said a sustainable energy economy is within reach, but getting there will require an incredible level of investment (around $10 trillion) in new technologies. This means a total of 240 tWh (terawatt hours) of energy storage (stationary batteries and electric vehicles) and he 30 tW (terawatts) of renewable power generation. Musk says the benefits far outweigh the costs, and in his next two-hour presentation, he will highlight the many ways Tesla is working toward this goal and, of course, its fleet of vehicles. We have strengthened this vision, including how it fits into our plans. .


Updated model 3 and model Y

As far as new details on Tesla’s vehicle itself go, the highlight wasn’t from the official presentation itself, but the rumors that emerged today about a revamped Model Y, codenamed Model Y It will arrive in 2024 with exterior and interior upgrades. according to car news. another upgraded vehicle, new model 3 Codename Highland is also in development.

Tesla didn’t officially talk about these models at Investor Day, but thanks to a new process called its unboxed assembly strategy, it’s a more efficient way to build EVs on its next-generation platform than it is today. explained. The platform and its integrated battery pack will allow the nameless car of the future to be built without a traditional car frame (box), making it cheaper and faster to assemble.

Another change is that Tesla has steadily increased the proportion of its in-house designed controllers in the vehicle’s powertrain. For example, in the original Model S, only 20% of the controller was Tesla-designed. In Model Y he is 61%. Tesla has said that in the Cybertruck he will be 85%, and in the next-generation vehicle, all controllers will be designed by Tesla. A key benefit of this transition is greater control over all software in the vehicle, Tesla said.

actual cyber truck It was also on display at the Investor Day event, showcasing a new steering yoke design, rear folding seats and rear passenger screens.

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