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Tesla Has Factory Wraps For Model 3, Y

While some automakers have a dozen available paint colors for shoppers to choose from and even let buyers create their own bespoke color for their vehicle, Tesla has always had a limited number of paint colors. For quite a long time, Tesla has only had five colors for shoppers to choose from. That’s going to change soon, as Tesla has introduced wraps for the Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla will offer the 2023+ Model 3 and Model Y EVs with a few wrap options. The most affordable option is a clear wrap that protects the vehicle’s factory paint job from scratches and small chips. The clear wrap costs $5,000 and is available in either a gloss or satin finish. For drivers who are interested in getting a clear wrap for their EV, it’s important to note that the clear wrap is not applied to the door jambs.

Shoppers looking to change the way their Model 3 or Model Y looks can get one of Tesla’s premium Color Wraps. It’s available in seven exclusive colors, which include Glacier Blue, Forest Green, Satin Rose Gold, Slip Grey, Satin Ceramic White, Satin Stealth Black, and Crimson Red. Tesla claims that the wrap is a “self-healing urethane-based film” that protects the paint from swirling, scratches, and chips. Unlike the clear wrap, the color one gives owners some extra color choices over Tesla’s five paint schemes. Depending on the color, shoppers are looking at spending between $7,500 (Slip Grey, Satin Ceramic White, and Satin Stealth Black) and $8,000 (Glacier Blue, Forest Green, Satin Rose Gold, and Crimson Red) for one of Tesla’s Color Wraps.

At the moment, Tesla’s wraps are only available after the initial purchase and can only be installed at two Tesla Service Centers – West Covina, CA and Carlsbad, CA. Tesla claims that wrap installation times vary, but can take between five to seven days from the time owners drop their EVs off. The automaker won’t be giving owners a loaner during the wrap installation.

This is the first time we’ve seen a major automaker offer a wrap as part of an after-purchase service on a new vehicle. It’s also an interesting thing for Tesla to do. Most automakers would simply add more paint jobs for shoppers to choose from, since shoppers can choose from a wide array of third-party shops for wraps. We could see Tesla introduce more wrap colors in the future if a lot of owners choose to pay the hefty price to get their vehicles wrapped.

Pictured: 2024 Tesla Model Y in Rose Gold (Top), 2024 Tesla Model 3 in Forest Green (Middle)

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