Ten of the Best Desktop Apps for College Students

Apps can make it fun to write. Apps can be a great way to speed up your learning by helping you reduce time, produce a better paper, and focus.

It doesn’t matter if you struggle with college assignments, or student life. There are many student apps that will help you.

There are millions upon millions of apps online. Each app comes with its own features, which can make learning even easier. Your overall experience will vary depending on which app is chosen.

Experts recommend choosing an app that is easy to use. It is a waste to your time if the app is not easy to use. It would have been faster to write the paper by hand or purchase term paper.

Some apps may have similar functions and features. Review the app to determine which one is best. Before purchasing, you can try out the trial version. You can also choose between them based on their cost.

These are just a few apps college students can use to make their college experience better.


Canvas is an image and graphics editing app. No IT or graphic skills are required to create striking images for your papers.

It’s simple to use, and it offers limited features free of charge. Upgrade the app for the best features

Canvas makes it easy to create captivating charts, graphs and presentations. You can integrate the materials with other software or apps that you use for academic work.

It can be downloaded on all major operating systems. This app saves time and money, which could otherwise have been spent hiring a designer to create rich content on your paper.


Off-Time helps you avoid distractions. You can focus on what is important, even when distractions are present.

It blocks notifications for certain websites. Sites won’t open unless you turn off the Off Time screen.

Off-Time allows you to monitor how much time each task and website takes up. This can help improve your productivity. You can also set the time at which you wish to send an email. This data will allow you to adapt your schedule to be more productive.


Dropbox is a database building tool. Dropbox allows you to store all your resources, including audio and books. You don’t even need to open Dropbox to deposit your resources.

Drag the materials into the app and then drop them there. Dropbox has very limited storage. Upgrade to expand the storage capacity or other features of Dropbox.

These resources are accessible from any device if you log in to your Dropbox account.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service. You can upload files to Google Drive for later use or remote access. Your email serves as your account identifier. For creating an account, you don’t need any passwords.

Google Drive allows you to access documents from other devices and work on them. You can then upload them back. Google Drive allows you to continue working on assignments even when you’re on the move, and you can access all the materials that are needed.

You can also search the internet to locate the resources that you require to complete your current assignment.


Grammarly is an app which helps students create perfect essays. Grammarly flags any errors and ensures a flawless paper. Grammarly detects typos, poor word choices, punctuation, spelling errors, and many other errors. Online tutors can also be contacted for academic assistance. Learn more about the best writing service providers to make sure you only deal directly with the pros.

A professional can help you complete your assignment so that you don’t spend too much time typing and lose your grade. Grammarly will alert you if any parts of your assignment have been copied. This will enable you to produce flawless paper.


Research has shown that learning outcomes can be improved by taking notes. Microsoft OneNote allows you to take notes, organize them and make it easier to retrieve and review later.

You can upload images to the app and make notes. A personal database can be created for each subject. It is simple to use and can help you save time writing essays.


MyHomework can be used as a study plan. It keeps track all of your obligations and assignments for the day. It sends you alerts at regular intervals in order to keep track of your homework.

You can add tasks to get a more complete view of your daily activities. You can modify the tasks and organize your schedule better with the premium version.

Anki Flashcards

Flashcards make learning fun. Anki Flashcards make learning easier by making it easy to organize ideas and simplify revision.

These cards can be personalized based on the topic you are working on. The cards can also be shared with friends or other study groups through other apps.


Evernote is an organizational tool. Evernote lets you organize revision and study materials to make it easier to write assignments. Evernote works via the cloud and can be accessed from any device. The free version offers many features.

Evernote’s most outstanding feature is its ability to extract files by keywords. This makes it easy to create the paper and is more rewarding.


Zotero can be used for referencing. It will automatically identify all citations you have and assist you in presenting them in the correct order. The app will extract pertinent information from the articles you have clipped. Zotero is available on your desktop so that you don’t have citations to remember.

Apps designed for college students can help you manage your time, organize your essays, and revise. The best apps for college students offer the most functionality and the best user experience.

Many of the features that were previously available for free are still available at an extremely low rate. Subscriptions allow you to enjoy great features that can transform the college experience.

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