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ŠKODA AUTO achieved a stable return on sales of 5.6% and an operating profit of €856 million (-4.9% year-on-year) in the first three quarters of 2022 despite a challenging market environment. This proves that the measures introduced under the consistently pursued efficiency program are paying off. With a high order backlog and a sharp increase in deliveries in India’s key growth market (+186.9%), ŠKODA AUTO expects a very positive operating profit for the full year. 544,500 vehicles were delivered from January to September. Behind the year-on-year decline of 22.3% is a continued supply shortage due to global events. The war in Ukraine, sharp rises in raw material and energy prices, ongoing semiconductor shortages and unstable supply chains weighed heavily on the Czech automaker’s quarterly results.

“Despite the current economic burden from the war in Ukraine, rising raw material and energy prices, and fragile supply chains, we were able to achieve a stable sales margin of 5.6%. The cornerstone is our comprehensive NEXT LEVEL EFFICIENCY+ program and our sustained high-cost discipline, which confirms Skoda’s solid financial position. We are focused on achieving very positive operating margins.”

Christian Schenk, ŠKODA AUTO Finance and IT Director

“The demand for Skoda vehicles is still high. Currently, we are doing everything we can to continue to process the still high backlog of orders. Our deliveries in India have already surpassed our previous year’s results and we look forward to building on this and gaining even more momentum in this important growth market.”

Martin Jahn, ŠKODA AUTO Sales and Marketing Director

Stable operating profit, margin of profit on sales only slightly decreased year-on-year

ŠKODA AUTO Group1) posted sales of €15.2 billion in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 13.9% year-on-year. However, the Volkswagen Group Rus has been integrated into his ŠKODAAUTO since the beginning of the year, so key figures cannot be compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the consolidation of Volkswagen Group Rus presented a particular challenge for his ŠKODAAUTO, negatively impacting its mid-three-digit operating profit. However, it is still possible to maintain a return on sales of 5.6% (2021: 6.8%) and operating profit remains at his solid level of €856m (-4.9% year-on-year). rice field. The company is optimizing not only material costs, but also production and fixed costs, with the aim of further stabilizing operating income for the full year and maximizing revenue potential. At the same time, automakers continue to expect production restrictions due to existing component supply bottlenecks.

Infographic - ŠKODA AUTO Delivers Solid Q3 Results and Stable Profit Margin in Challenging Environment

skoda auto group1) – Quarterly comparison of key figures, January to September 2021/20222):

2022 2021 Rate of change
Delivery to customer car 544,500 700,700 -22.3%
Excludes customer delivery.China car 508,300 648,000 -21.6%
manufacturing3) car 647,200 578,200 11.9%
saleFour) car 645,500 596,100 8.3%
sales revenue million euros 15,181 13,329 13.9%
Operating income million euros 856 900 -4.9%
Profit margin on sales % 5.6% 6.8%
Investment in tangible assets million euros 605 337 79.5%
net cash flow million euros 830 321 158.6%

1) Skoda Auto Group consists of Skoda Auto as, Skoda Auto Slovensko sro, Skoda Auto Deutschland GmbH, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. and OOO Volkswagen Group Russia.
2) Percent deviation is calculated from the unrounded numbers.
3) Includes production in the ŠKODA AUTO Group and excludes production in partner assembly plants in China, Slovakia and Germany, but includes other group brands such as SEAT, VW and AUDI. Vehicle production excluding parts/complete kits.
4) Including sales to Škoda Auto Group distributors, including other group brands such as SEAT, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI.Vehicle sales excluding parts/complete kits

Worldwide deliveries for the first three quarters of the year by selected market region:

market area Delivery from January to September 2022
(Q1-Q3 2021 Shipments / % Change)
Western Europe 281,100 (326,400; -13.9%)
Germany (largest single market in the world) 100,700 (104,600; -3.8%)
central europe 106,300 (132,600, -19.9%)
Czech Republic (domestic market) 51,200 (63,000; -18.7%)
Eastern Europe excluding Russia 23,300 (29,500, -20.9%)
Russia 16,600 units (72,600 units, -77.2%)
China 36,300 (52,700; -31.2%)
India 38,300 (13,300; +186.9%)
Total (worldwide) 544,500 (700,700; -22.3%)

Delivery of the ŠKODA brand to customers in the first three quarters of 2022
(Rounded to the nearest whole number, shown by model; +/- is percent change from previous year):

Skoda Octavia (106,800; -33.0%)
Skoda Kamik (73,100; -26.2%)
Skoda Kodiak (71,300; -13.6%)
Skoda Fabia (69,800; -15.0%)
Skoda Kalock (61,400; -36.5%)
Skoda Superb (45,200; -12.1%)
Skoda Enyak iV (36,900; +30.7%)
Skoda Scala (29,700; -25.3%)
Skoda Kushak (19,500; +286.8%)
Skoda Slavia (15,400; -)
Skoda Rapid (15,300; -70.8%)


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