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Qvale Auto Group values ​​honesty and speed

Most new and used car deals are completed in about an hour, Walsh said. Customers don’t even need to visit a Qvale store. It can all be done online and the car will be delivered right to the customer’s driveway.

Everything starts with pricing. Qvale uses Velocity Intelligent Pricing, which measures actual transaction prices, inventory levels and age, factory incentives, customer engagement, and more to determine advertised sales prices. For example, senior sales representatives are empowered to accept offers without requiring sales manager approval.

Walsh said this isn’t no-negotiate pricing, and stores won’t lose deals if the offer is close to the advertised price. More importantly, he said, customers don’t get hit with unexpected price increases. “We would rather lose with integrity than win without integrity,” Walsh said of Coubert’s pricing strategy.

He said the company measures nearly every aspect of the Qvale Way.

“We are always looking to improve. The only way we can do that is by collecting data. Everything we use must be digitizable,” he said. Based on the data, improvements are made to the Qvale Way. The addition of artificial intelligence capabilities is one of his next innovations.

“Consumers are the ones who communicate how they want to engage and how they want to transact,” Walsh said. “Whether online, offline, or in between, we want to meet our customers wherever they want to meet.” Qvale Auto Group values ​​honesty and speed

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