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Only One Polestar Synergy Hypercar Will Be Built

The proportions are dramatic, with the car standing 42.1 inches tall and 179.5 inches long. It’s the first time we’ve seen this type of design from Polestar, although the gorgeous Polestar 6 comes close.

Paris-based Devashish Deshmukh and Swapnil Desai were responsible for the exterior. The former based his design on hollowed-out volumes, taking inspiration from the hammerhead shark. Desai, however, is the one who brought in themes of emotional durability as well as materials that “age gracefully over time.”

The interior was penned by Yingxiang Li from China, who created the cabin to be performance-focused with an emphasis on “floating comfort and control.”

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath remarked, “This proves that electric vehicles – in reality, or as toys – can be just as, if not more, exciting than their ICE equivalents.” Only One Polestar Synergy Hypercar Will Be Built

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