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Mazda CX-90 Reveals Another Teaser, This Time Revealing Interior Bits

mazda has dropped another teaser for the upcoming luxury SUV CX-90. This time the focus is on the interior. From what we can see, his rear wheel drive 3 train with inline 6 power looks like a gorgeous place to drive.

Mazda’s latest. “Unboxing” video series, hosted by actor Hiroyuki Sanada. Of course, since this is a teaser, most of the shots feature extreme close-ups.

For example, a perforated leather seat insert is more than just a strip of black fabric. You can see through the gray, reminiscent of the textiles used in nice suits. The dashboard and door panels appear to be covered in a wool-like fabric.The adjacent Brightwork is textured with lines rather than flats. The stitching on the dashboard is not a standard car pattern, but a Japanese paper binding. Everything feels luxurious.

Mazda designer Koki Tsuchida also introduces the new exterior colour, Artisan Red.Much darker than the Mazda sign soul Red as we know it is mixed with black.

A separate peek at the center stack reveals the physical button array, which is a plus for those who dislike touchscreens. Operated by touch or the command knob on the center console. The traditional PRNDL gear selector remains. Thankfully it hasn’t been replaced by an array of buttons.

The CX-90 has been teased for a while, and this should be the last time. The global rollout will take place next Monday, January 31st.

All this combined with Mazda’s new 3.3-liter Turbo Straight 6, 340 Horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque in a very neat package. Mazda CX-90 Reveals Another Teaser, This Time Revealing Interior Bits

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