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The first change in the reborn Alliance is to refocus partnerships on high-value projects. These projects will focus on Latin America, India and Europe and will consist of market, vehicle and technical projects. In addition to this, automakers want more initiatives that each company can participate in.

First, Nissan will become a strategic shareholder in Ampere, an EV and software company founded by Renault. Just last year, the two companies announced plans to invest his $26 billion in electrical technology and build 30 new electric vehicles, which looks like a stepping stone toward that goal.

The remainder of the transaction will focus on a significant restructuring of the stock. Renault and Nissan will retain 15% cross-shareholdings with lock-up and suspension obligations. This means a “stop” period that postpones the sale of shares for a period of time and protects the company from takeovers. After that, both companies will be free to exercise their voting rights up to 15%. RENAULT AND NISSAN SIGN NEW PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT

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