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Master the strategies to win in this party game called bluff card game

Just like music, games also play an important role in parties. A party can become very dull if you don’t play games. Not only do games offer entertainment to the individuals but also ensure a strong connection among them. You can also develop your social skills by playing games at parties. A wide range of games is available in the market that can help you host the greatest party. Also, nowadays you can get different online gaming platforms featuring various party-friendly games. Of them, the bluff card game is quite a famous one.

As the name suggests, the bluff card game is a type of card game that is recognised everywhere in the world. This game is noted as a party game that many people can play and enjoy at the same time. The bluff card game is played all around the world and people from different communities and cultures have given different names to this game. This game is super fun if you play it online as well. GetMega is an online gaming platform that hosts many party-friendly games including the bluff card game. Once you learn the rules and strategies of this game, you are good to go!

Before we proceed with the strategies of the bluff card game, let’s understand its objectives and rules.

Bluff card game objective

The objective of this game is similar to typical card games. You have to finish the cards before your opponents. The player who passes his cards either to the discard pile or to the opponents emerges as a winner.

A bluff card game can be played by 2 or more people. It is an easy card game that can be played by everyone at parties. If two to four players play this game then a full deck of 52 cards will be used. If the range of players exceeds four then two or more decks of cards must be shuffled, based on the number of players playing the bluff card game.

Rules of a bluff card game

In this simple card game, a dealer will be present. It is the responsibility of the dealer to distribute the cards evenly.  In a bluff card game, there are chances that one player gets more cards compared to the other players. As per the rules of this game, players can look at the cards after they are distributed to them and they can arrange them according to their wishes.

After arranging the cards, the actual game begins. A player must discard a certain number of cards from his/her hands by calling the respective ranks. Remember that you can discard a number of cards from only one rank when your turn comes. While playing a bluff card game, you need to lie or bluff and call higher or lower rank to discard the cards from your hand. The lying in this card game is called a bluff.

If your bluff gets caught, you have to pick up a whole pile of discarded cards. If any other player calls the bluff and it is seen that the cards are in tandem with the ranks as it was said, then the player who called bluff needs to pick up the stack of discarded cards. The game goes on until one of the players discards all his/her cards.

Strategies to win the bluff card game

So far you have understood that you have to discard all your cards to win this game. To do that you need to lie or bluff. The bluff card game is quite a straightforward game. And the only way you can discard maximum cards from your hand is by bluffing the ranks of those cards. Since the game is simple the strategies to win this game are also simple. These strategies or tactics can be used by anyone to win the game smoothly. Players can also modify some aspects of these tactics to suit themselves. Some of these strategies are:

  • The Bluff card game is all about bluffing. To remove the maximum number of cards from your hands you must lie their ranks. However, if anybody catches your bluff you have to draw the whole stack of discarded cards. Thus, to avoid such a scenario you must remain calm. You need to be confident while bluffing. If you laugh or show any kind of emotion, the other players may catch your bluff.
  • Mix the cards. It is not necessary that you will always get the desired ranks that you are calling. In such cases, mix some cards while you are putting them in the discarded pile. For example, you can put 7,3,1 as three sevens.
  • While bluffing is important in this game, you should also play some honest rounds. If you bluff every time, then it won’t take much time for your opponents to understand your pattern. So bluff at random intervals.
  • Always trust your instincts. If you strongly believe that someone is bluffing then you should call it. By calling out the player’s bluff he/she has to pick up a whole stack of the discarded cards that might improve your chance of winning the game.

The bluff card game is pretty engaging and an entertaining party game. The rules are simple so that everyone can enjoy playing it. So, if you follow them and apply the above-mentioned strategies you can play this game even online.

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