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Honda Activa H-smart scooter officially teased as Smartiva.Learn more about checkout keys

New Delhi, March 24: Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India has posted official teaser images of the upcoming new Activa 125 H-Smart to create buzz before it hits the market. A teaser image gives a glimpse of smart key technology on the company’s new scooter with H-Smart functionality.

The Japanese auto giant also calls its upcoming scooter “Smartiva.” This shows that the Activa 125 H-Smart is more focused on the technical side compared to its predecessor. Read on to know more. Hyundai Ai3 SUV undergoes testing in India and is ready for launch. Check here for key details.

Honda Activa 125 H-Smart – Features:

The new Honda Activa 125 H-Smart comes with a new electronic key fob similar to the one used in modern cars, also seen in the Activa 6G. The smart key fob has a variety of features, including a SmartFind feature that helps you locate your parked scooter by flashing front and rear indicators. Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith Unveils the Black Arrow Read all the important details here.

The Smart Key Fob also features a SmartUnlock feature that unlocks the handlebars, under-seat boot and fuel filler cap with the push of a button, while the SmartSafe feature prevents theft by disabling the fob’s keyless functionality To do. Apart from smart features, the new Activa 125 H-Smart also features a fully digital instrument cluster.

Honda Activa 125 H-Smart – Expected price:

The ongoing Honda Activa 125 is tagged at Rs 77,743 for the drum variant and Rs 84,916 for the disc variant. The new Activa 125 H-Smart is therefore slightly more expensive in a similar range.

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