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Ford and VW are developing EVs

When Ford announced it would be ditching long-standing models like the Fiesta and Focus in Europe, it didn’t mince words. With the Fiesta set to go out of production by his 2023 and the Focus heading the way of the Dodo by 2025, Ford is working hard to launch a replacement. Ford recently unveiled the first teaser for his EV, due out in March, which looks like a boxy crossover.

As car news report, its teaser ford Released on Twitter appears to be the automaker’s upcoming all-electric crossover called the Explorer Sport. It is the first vehicle to be launched under Ford’s new “Adventurous Spirt” marketing and design language. It’s a way for the automaker to double down on its American roots for the European market.

The teaser image released by Ford doesn’t give a good view of the vehicle as it’s covered under a large black tarp. You can see that it has It looks like a compact SUV or a subcompact SUV from the ride height. Based on the images, his upcoming SUV Everest SUV What Ford sells worldwide.

The outlet claims that Ford authorized the use VolkswagenMEB platform for two EVs. The electric car will be built at Ford’s factory in Cologne, Germany. fiestaThe teased Explorer Sport is reportedly expected to sit between compact and mid-sized options such as: Volkswagen ID.4, nissan ariaWhen toyota bZ4XBased on the teaser, it looks like the upcoming Explorer Sport will have a much sturdier design than the conservative ID.4. Ford says the Explorer Sport has an estimated range of 311 miles on his single charge.

auto news I point out that Ford is looking to revamp its European line-up. U.S. automakers are trying to get out of declining or unprofitable segments like the “small, compact, midsize and minivan segments.” Fiesta is classified as a compact car, concentration It’s a compact car. In addition to those two vehicles, Ford will also be discontinuing his S-max and Galaxy minivans.

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