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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Manual Back 2023

American muscle cars are more fun to drive with manual transmissions. It’s not an opinion, it’s a known fact. Consumers and fans who have been waiting for Dodge to bring back his manual transmission to the Challenger SRT Hellcat can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the 6-speed manual gearbox is back. About a year ago, Dodge announced that his manual transmission would not be available on high-performance SRT Hellcat models. Now, motor trends Reportedly, the SRT Hellcat again comes standard with a six-speed. It’s a Christmas miracle.

dodge I’ve always said the elimination of manual transmissions was temporary, but I really can’t trust anyone these days. Especially when it comes to the availability of his manual transmission, which is rapidly disappearing from the market. Apparently, the manual his gearbox disappeared because Dodge had to fix the powertrain calibration. Rumors speculate that the Challenger with a manual transmission failed to pass emissions regulations.

Dodge’s official configurator 2022 Challenger With no manual transmission listed as an option, we suspect the manual gearbox will be back on the 2023 model year. 2023 model We don’t know the price of the Challenger SRT Hellcat as it’s not yet available.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for buyers wanting to buy a Challenger to buy it now, especially when it includes a supercharged V8 engine and manual transmission.Evasion is set to stop the challenger 2023 models and later. If that happens, there will be fewer and fewer cars equipped with V8 engines that can be equipped with manual transmissions.

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