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Device SaaS Companies Texada and Uptake Canada Completely Merge

Equipment Rental and Mobile SaaS Provider texada software Equipment Distributor SaaS Provider import canada completed a merger this week, consolidating its services under one brand.

Merged companies consolidate their software into one. Bundled SaaS A platform that provides enhanced functionality to equipment dealers and rentals; Matt Harrissaid the CEO of Texada Software Equipment Finance ConnectHe said bundled software should reduce churn in the global construction equipment market, valued at $171.4 billion in 2021, according to market research firms. Blueweave Consulting.

“One of the things we heard from industry analysts was that [Associated Equipment Distributors] In meetings, dealers churn 5% of their customers each month,” Harris said. “If we can give dealers a platform that allows them to engage with their customers about service contracts, repair or preventive maintenance, or additional equipment rental opportunities, not just what they sell from an equipment perspective, they will be able to consistently engage with their customers on a commercial basis. An opportunity to stay connected.”

The service also aims to increase connectivity and reduce silos. Mr Harris said: “By bringing them together, we are helping dealers and rental houses break down the silos between their businesses and achieve more holistic customer engagement.”

The two companies announced their merger on February 7, but Harris said the integration process began late last year and the combined company operates under the name Texada Software.

“These two businesses merged in early November last year, so we have been working on the merger for some time and have fully integrated the organization,” Harris said. “We see many opportunities between the two businesses in our customer base.”

Measuring customer feedback
Device SaaS Companies Texada and Uptake Canada Completely Merge

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Because the system and organization are already integrated, Texada Software can see how customers are reacting to the system and how the combined software works in different parts of the organization.

“Today, when you look at most users across the system, the majority of users are not people behind the counter or salespeople at dealers. Service technicians, drivers, delivery drivers, field service, customers in the field. The people who fix our equipment, the mechanics in the store, everything to support these people,” Harris said.

“We make sure these different parts of the dealership and rental housing really work and come together on a single platform,” he said.

Newly integrated software offers greater customization possibilities. “When an enterprise like ours uses his level of software, it needs to be highly configurable for our customers,” he said. “The inherited component of our platform is the ability to tailor it to exactly what the customer wants,” Harris concluded.

Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Texada Software has provided rental management services for 40 years, according to its website. Ontario-based Uptake Canada has been offering its SaaS platform to dealers since 2006, according to a Texada release.

Texada Software is a subsidiary of: Baneker Partners It was acquired by the San Francisco-based company in April 2022 for $37.2 million, according to the company. crunch base. Device SaaS Companies Texada and Uptake Canada Completely Merge

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