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Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Bison Wins Sega Rally 2 Championship

I thought Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Bison It was probably too much. ZR2 Bison is probably overkill in most situations, but bringing a few arcade games from someone’s house seemed below its pay level. Hook up the trailer, load up the driveway and you’re done. Not to mention Bison’s additional AEV underbody armor, there aren’t many opportunities to use the Multimatic spool valve damper and locking differential. But that’s the beauty of this new breed of extraordinary off-road pickup. It works as a track when needed. So I grabbed the trailer and set up the GPS to go see a guy named Tom. Easy enough, right? Then, after seeing Tom’s 200 mph motorcycle and homemade cannon, and setting the forest on fire with a pyrotechnic device, I realized that the do-it-all bison was a better fit for the project than I was. expected.

Placing the ZR2 in the front door required a bit of overlanding.

car and driver

Tom had several arcade games for me in varying states of functionality, from mint to fixer upper. Trophy Having Undetermined Problems Starting His machine was his two-man Sega Rally 2 Championship imported from Japan in 1998 by stationed US military personnel. This is his one of the coolest driving him games ever made, featuring cars like the Lancia Delta HF Integrale and the Toyota Celica GT-Four. Each driver will be equipped with his manual transmission (with clutch) and handbrake. The top of the machine is fitted with driving lights mounted on a red tubular steel frame. In all, the total weight is nearly 1200 pounds. Luckily, this car can be dismantled into his three pieces, but rescuing it from Tom’s house has become a project that actually requires his ZR2’s prowess to shine. put away. Because the game has to go out through the front door, and Tom lives on 200 acres of land, roughly one of which is between the driveway and the aforementioned door, just up an unreliable staircase. be. “When we bought this place 23 years ago, the front steps were rotting, and now it’s even worse,” advised Tom as we assessed the hunting potential.

Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 tailgate down

If you just want a taller tailgate.

car and driver

So I have to carry the 500 lb machine out of my house without taking the stairs. I quickly realized that the only viable approach (at least that doesn’t result in being squashed under the steering wheel of the Sega Rally 2 Championship) is to remove the truck from the trailer, maneuver it up to the front steps and pull the load on either side. I realized it was to load. Move the game to bed individually.

Chevrolet Silverado hitch cam view

When hooking up a trailer, the Silverado’s hitch cam becomes the clutch.

Ezra Dyer|car and driver

The right tool for the job

I found the ZR2 to be the perfect tool for the job. Due to the increased ground clearance compared to the regular Silverado, the dropped tailgate now sits flush with the front doors. The low-speed four-wheel drive allowed us to position the truck perfectly as we approached the house. The ZR2’s softer suspension is perfect for carrying fragile old video games over uneven terrain. Its cushiony suspension tune means the ZR2 has the lowest payload (1520 lbs) of any Silverado 1500, but it’s still plenty for the mission.

sega rally 2 championship game

Worked fine for 1 minute.

Ezra Dyer|car and driver

After a few trips home, we refined the method. I threw the game into the truck bed, carried it down the driveway, lowered it to the ground, and shoved its suction cups into the trailer. However, the Sega was so heavy that it was a hassle to carry it from the truck to the trailer, so I worked on it last and left it in the bed. Along the way, I discovered that Tom was a so-called adrenaline fan.

dragon egg firework shell

Only dragon eggs.

car and driver

something dangerous

Tom, in his 60s, has long hair, a lot of energy, and a playground full of dangerous toys. In his barn, Honda RC51 twin-cylinder races several frightening motorcycles, including his bike, near a homemade cannon that can be used to fire rocks at metal targets suspended in adjacent ranges dug with an excavator. was parked in He said a Honda 250L rally dual-sport bike was parked outside but sold because it didn’t have enough power to wheelie over obstacles in the woods. Soon Tom pulled out what I would call a firework gun, along with handmade seashells labeled “dragon egg” or similar. Shortly after, we were making small and medium fires in the woods and vigorously raking dirt. Because the dragon eggs over the trees he found that he had to launch straight into the air and not from a 45 degree angle. no problem!

After about 10 minutes of Dirt CrossFit, it was all out, or at least enough to allow Tom to finish his work later on the excavator. Lest he be mistaken that Tom was only devoted to horsepower and blasts, his one room in his house was filled with guitars and the only car in the garage was a classy, ​​understated Lexus SC430. “I got it from my little grandma,” he said. “A hardtop, a convertible, a Lexus with a big V8, and for $7,000! What more do you want?”

chicken truck driving

Tom wondered how he got all these wonderful toys, but he was happy to explain. “I studied at university for several years, but I never finished,” he said. “I ended up buying and driving a chicken truck. If I get paid $1.43 per mile and drive 600 miles a day, that’s 3000 miles a week. Do the math! Other blue collar jobs. Do you have a job where you can make hundreds of dollars in ?” Several times a year? I loved it. Driving is not a job. I’m just sitting there and there’s a chicken behind me so I can’t smell it. But if I could tell you how many little old ladies passed me. 160 mph because they didn’t want to be in the back of the truck…”

Sega Rally Championship Ebrake

Each driver is equipped with regular electric brakes.

car and driver

Tom bought an arcade game when his children were little, but now that his children are grown up, he has other plans for that room in the house. And there are plans to fix a Sega that initially booted on one but not the other, and then never booted at all. He grunts and laments himself for not being able to throw virtual dirt in an all-wheel drive gravel monster that the real thing is still sitting right outside waiting for someone to push the start button I remembered

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senior editor

Ezra Dyer is car and driver Senior editor and columnist. Although he’s now based in North Carolina, he still remembers how to turn right. He owns his 2009 GEM e4 and has even driven it at 206 mph. These facts are mutually exclusive. Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 Bison Wins Sega Rally 2 Championship

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