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Carvana to appear in court in latest state licensing battle

Carvana Corporation. is asking the court to revoke the October 7 decision by Michigan regulators to suspend and revoke Michigan’s used car retailer licenses.

In a complaint filed Thursday in the Michigan Court of Claims, Carvana sought a temporary injunction against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. In its complaint, Carvana said the state’s actions were “unfounded,” and the company was either not offered a public hearing or a reasonable opportunity to respond to allegations presented in the suspension decision. said it was not done.

Calvana, in Thursday’s court filings, The company said it was forced to suspend all sales in Michigan, delaying deliveries to 48 customers.

The Carvana lawsuit is based on the Michigan State Department’s carvana license suspension For alleged violations of several Michigan vehicle rules, including multiple violations related to title, registration, and odometer.

A Calvana spokesperson said, “The Secretary of State’s arbitrary and abrupt actions angered and disappointed customers. Or there is no grocery store and we are literally stuck,” he said in an emailed statement Friday. car news“We are asking the court to hold the Secretary of State accountable and to stop his disruptive behavior and to force state officials to work with Carvana and our customers to resolve these technical issues as soon as possible. I kindly ask you to force me.”

The company asked the court to set a hearing date for its request for injunctive relief.

A Michigan State Department spokeswoman declined to comment on the filing, citing pending lawsuits.

“The Michigan State Department protects consumers as they make the most important purchases for their families and buys a car. We do not offer special treatment to any distributor, including distributors National Enterprises. Department staff meet with Calvana on a number of occasions to explain Michigan laws and suggest pathways to compliance. But instead, Carvana continued to sell unlicensed vehicles to numerous families in Michigan, exposing residents to breaking the law, fines, and other penalties.” Carvana to appear in court in latest state licensing battle

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