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Shaun White’s Brand Drops Ultra-Limited Snowboards

Considered by many to be the greatest Olympic snowboarder of all time, Shaun White has made a name for himself both on and off the slopes. Halfpipe White, his five-time Olympian and three-time Olympic gold medalist in his snowboarding career, has been almost hit-and-miss with few mistakes.The same can be said of his efforts. Off the Board: White Is Nominated Among Them Bloomberg Businessweek‘s 100 Most Powerful and Marketable Athletes, forbesHis brands, including Most Valuable Sports Brands and 30 Under 30, blankhas carved a niche in the world of snowboarding, representing where luxury meets performance.

Today White Space releases new limited edition snowboards created with premium retailers and experiential brands Aspen XThe AspenX LE Freestyle Shaun White Pro is the first collaboration between Whitespace and AspenX. Boards will be pre-sold online in time for the 2023 X Games Aspen (1/27-1/29). Sean currently holds the world record for the most gold medals won in the X Games.

The AspenX LE Freestyle Shaun White Pro is White’s most versatile board, built for precision riding. Whitespace has incorporated many innovations into the new board. Camber, running length and sidecut are all optimized for speed and responsiveness, and plenty of flex means this board moves with you, not against. , a smaller surface area for faster speeds (a good analogy for tires; smaller, thinner ones are faster than wider ones), improved carbon fiberglass, and a better Includes a new plant-based bio-resin topsheet. Earth (and performance according to the brand).

AspenX LE Freestyle Sean White Pro

The AspenX LE Freestyle Shaun White Pro combines luxury and performance.


  • Board size: 156
  • Effective cutting edge: 1210cm
  • Tip length: 20cm
  • Tail length: 18cm
  • Tip Width: 29.7cm
  • Waist width: 25.3 cm
  • Tail width: 29.7cm
  • Sidecut: 7.7M
  • Setback: 12.5mm

    The AspenX LE Freestyle Shaun White Pro is available now for $1,500.Like his Whitespace Limited Edition drop last year, this board is limited to 50 runs, so it’s virtually impossible to get hold of, but if you can manage it, it’s much more attractive. Check here if you have brand website for more information.

    Whitespace x ASPENX Freestyle Sean White Pro Shaun White’s Brand Drops Ultra-Limited Snowboards

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