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2023 McLaren Altura recalled for fire risk due to fuel leak

mclaren issued a recall that applies to more than 150 units of Alturaits new hybrid supercarVehicles included in the campaign are fitted with high-pressure fuel lines that are not secured with proper hardware and can come loose, leak, and ultimately cause a fire.

Recall number assigned by 22V-908 National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau (NHTSA), the campaign contains 164 examples. Altura Manufactured from October 8, 2021 to November 14, 2022.

McLaren is remembered The car was built with a high pressure fuel line held in by a cold formed nut. Examples not included in the recall are manufactured with fully machined nuts. Cold formed nuts are Fuel pump Over time, especially “during dynamic driving maneuvers commonly associated with truck driving”. This creates a fuel leak and increases the risk of fire. McLaren said two cars on the track had leaked fuel, but added that there were no injuries or accidents related to the defect.

Owners of affected vehicles should bring their Artura to their nearest McLaren. dealer To replace the fuel pipe for free. As to the root of the problem, the British company says it has switched to cold-formed nuts in March 2021 due to a shortage of fully machined parts.

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