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Upgrading And Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Suspension

Suspension is an extremely important part of any vehicle. The suspension system is important because it ensures maximum friction between the road and the tires, which improves the car’s handling and steering stability overall.

The suspension system is also important for the comfort of the passengers in the car. It limits the impact of damaged roads on the passengers and the car, making the ride smooth. A damaged suspension can make any car ride a horrendous experience. Not to mention the excessive wear your tires have to endure due to bad suspensions.

In this article, we will discuss the different parts of a suspension system and how you can upgrade these parts to get the smoothest car ride possible.

So read on and find out how you can enhance your suspension system.


Coilovers are the first upgrade you need to make to your suspension system. What exactly are coilovers? They are simply coil springs that are placed on shock absorbers to make a single suspension unit. Coilovers allow for various height adjustments and can compress according to the vehicle’s weight.

Usually, coilovers are available in three types; slip-fit coilovers, OEM-style coilovers, and full-body assemblies. The best one to choose out of these three is full-body coilovers; they provide a lot more benefits than the other two.

When buying your coilovers, you need to keep a lookout for these factors; they should have powder coating for corrosion resistance, they should be stainless steel, and they should have progressive rate coil springs and shocks.

Shocks And Struts

If you aren’t too concerned with vehicle height but want a smoother and less bumpy ride, replacing the shocks and struts is a good idea. Shocks and struts are those components of the suspension system that help in the stabilization of the car and also make sure the tires stay on the road.

Struts are components that look like an extension of the vehicle and are mounted horizontally, whereas shocks will look like springs.

Always opt for the best struts brand when buying struts; trying to save money by buying cheap struts will affect the suspension system very badly.

Your company-fitted struts and shocks were never meant to be used for the vehicle’s entire lifetime. So it is going to make a huge difference in your driving experience to change the struts and shocks when they get old.

It is recommended to get your shocks and struts replaced by a professional, but you can also attempt to do it yourself. And don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, especially since most of them are designed to work with your car’s factory-fitted springs. This is why the installation is easier than expected.

Strut Bearings

Strut bearings contact the spring strut and the car’s body. Usually, cars with strut-type suspension systems have bearings and bearing plates on which the spring and shock absorber are mounted. The advantage of having strut bearings and bearing plates is that it allows for torsional movement while making the car’s steering system better.

Upgrading the strut bearings when you’ve used the car for some years will be very beneficial. It will feel like you’ve got a new suspension system altogether. You will be able to find strut bearings for all kinds of suspension systems; make sure to get this replacement job done by a professional.

Sway Bars

A suspension upgrade project would be incomplete without sway bars. The purpose of sway bars is to keep the vehicle from moving from side to side when making turns. Usually, factory-fitted sway bars are not as strong because that allows the car to have a soft and comfy ride.

Upgrading the sway bars will improve your overall driving experience. It would be best if you had sway bars with mandrel bends that are super clean, end tabs that have no welds on them, and a corrosion-resistant powder coating.

Air Springs

Air springs are another great component for upgrading your suspension. They help by immediately adapting to different road conditions and can be tuned almost instantly.

Air springs can be installed on the coil spring suspension system, keeping the wheels from sagging or bouncing. Get a professional to make this upgrade on your vehicle, as installing air springs can be a bit complicated.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are an affordable option for upgrading your suspension. With lowering springs, you will get to experience a car ride that is smooth and less bumpy. These springs will improve the handling of the vehicles, lower the height of the vehicle, and will make your car look like a sports car with a lowered height.

The beauty of modern lowering springs is that they have a progressive rate feature. As the spring is compressed, it gets harder to compress further. This provides a less bumpy ride, adding a certain smoothness to the drive.

To ensure that you get a great product, you should buy a lowering spring kit that has been cold rolled, covered with anti-corrosion powder, and heat-treated. This will ensure that your lowering springs work for the car’s lifetime.

Static Suspension Lowering Kit

A Static Suspension Lowering Kit will improve the handling of the car and improve its overall look. This amazing upgrade consists of rate lowering springs that work progressively and are paired with dampers.

A regular kit will lower your vehicle by about 20-40mm; this is the perfect amount for a regular everyday driver.

When buying your lowering kit, make sure you get one that has corrosion-resistant properties; this will ensure that the kit will last you a very long time.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: a simple guide to upgrading your suspension system. The upgrade features listed above will help you have a smoother ride with better comfort. You will also be able to improve your car’s handling and steering capabilities. Remember to get your wheels aligned after any suspension work you get done. Everyone should upgrade their suspension systems at least once because there is a vast difference between factory-fitted suspensions and after-market upgrades.

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