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Things You Should Know About Driving in Italy

Italy is famous for fashionable resorts with azure sea, gorgeous beaches, world cultural heritage sites, large-scale sales of branded items.

To explore the country far and wide, the best option would be to rent a car, eliminating dependence on the schedule of excursions or public transport.

To avoid being disappointed in such a vacation, it is worth preparing in advance, having learned as much helpful information as possible, which may be beneficial on the road. And we have tried to make your future journey more comfortable and thoughtful by collecting reliable information about how to travel by car in Italy.

Renting a car in Italy

Are you planning to spend more than a week here? Renting will give you freedom and flexibility in traveling. It allows you to visit interesting places that are difficult to reach for ordinary tourists.

With the help of a car you can visit small villages on the way between big cities. See the famous volcanoes Etna and Vesuvius, the beautiful lakes Como and Garda, visit the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. And also take a ride near the Alpine Mountains.

To date, car rental is not a problem. Since the offices of rental companies are in almost every city, in all major airports, ports and railway stations. It allows you to find and rent with little time.

The best option for booking a car is the Rent sport car Milan service. With its help, it has become much easier and more budget-friendly to rent a transport. You can always use their services in advance, with little difficulty, without leaving home. In a quiet home environment, choosing the most profitable option for you and your family will be possible.

International driver’s license

Whether an international driver’s license is needed in 2022 is being asked by fans of independent travel in Europe. When going on a trip, you should know what documents you should stock up on.

Most European States have signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. This international act regulates the possibility of the movement of foreign citizens. It is possible by private vehicles between the countries taking part in the agreement.

By the Convention, drivers can move freely and enjoy national rights in the territory of the taking part countries. The format of the certificate is unified.

Documents Needed

To book any vehicle, it is necessary to read the rental conditions of each car rental company carefully. It is better to get immediately acquainted with the tariff, deposit, fuel policy, etc.

Large international agencies set the most stringent conditions for the package of documents, while small regional companies have more loyal rules. You can rent a car after presenting a valid international driving license. Driving experience must exceed one year. Only the original document is required with no corrections.

You will also need a passport with a visa or other identification document of the motorist. You must have a credit card with sufficient financial resources. To book a car online via the website, you need to present a printed voucher that has been sent to your email.

Even if the rental company does not require an international driver’s license, representatives of the Italian traffic police, who are pretty strict in the absence of a document, can stop the driver. The amount of the fine for such a violation is about 300 euros.

Car Insurance Cost

The average cost of renting a Class C passenger car can vary from 50 to 80 euros per day, and an iron horse of the middle class costs about 35-45 euros.

Renting an economy class car will cost 15-20 euros, and you will have to pay up to 100 euros for transport for a large group of people or a family.

In planning a trip to Italy, it is necessary to consider the car rental period: the longer it is, the lower the cost of daily rent. The rental period of 7 days or more is long-term.

A mid-range car will cost about 300-400 euros per week.

Usually, the car is issued with a full fuel tank and is also returned fully refueled. Otherwise, pay the difference at an unfavorable price.

When calculating the rental price, take seasonality into account. During sales and Christmas holidays, demand and prices for cars increase significantly during the high season (July-August).

Speed Limits

While driving on the autobahn, the driver must go to the extreme right of the free lanes. In Italy, there is a speed limit for cars and motorcycles:

  • 50 km/h in populated areas;
  • 90 km/h outside settlements;
  • 110 km/h on the highway with blue markings and signs;
  • 130 km / h on the autobahn, where the markings and signs are green.

For driving in difficult weather (rain, snow, fog), the following restrictions apply 110 km/h on motorways and 90 km/h on highways. You can change speed limits during road repairs. It is dangerous to break the speed limit — it installs automatic radars everywhere.

That’s what’s important. Speeding is fraught with a fine, which will be deducted from the credit card if it made the trip in a rented car. A system of radar traffic lights is being implemented in localities, notifying the offending driver with a red light 100 meters from the radar that detected speeding. There will be no fine in this case. It issued just a warning to the motorist in this way.


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