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The Differences Between A Used Car And Certified Pre-Owned Car

Buying a car is a substantial financial commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As much as a vehicle increases your mobility, it also requires you to commit to other vehicle ownership elements such as maintenance, registration, and insurance. For this reason, some people resort to buying second-hand vehicles.

When purchasing a second-hand car, buyers have two options: used or certified pre-owned (CPO). Each choice has its differences that you should carefully consider if you opt for a second-hand vehicle.

If you find yourself at a crossroads between choosing a used or CPO car, continue reading this article to know some of its differences.

Used Car

Used cars are often referred to as pre-owned vehicles. That’s to say, a previously owned Nissan vehicles for sale  and others have at least one previous owner. Its price varies widely based on the manufacturer, model, year, and condition. One of the most important factors for buyersto ponder is the condition of the vehicle.

Also, another thing to consider about used cars is how it’s maintained. A properly maintained used vehicle, as opposed to a badly cared-for vehicle, may performwell in a longer period of time with lesser issues and repairs, making it a more profitable investment. A used automobile may not be covered by warranty, depending on its age.

Certified Pre-Owned Car

A certified pre-owned car is a used automobile that’s been certified by its manufacturer. CPO vehicles are then sold from a dealership of the same brand. CPO vehicles are usually slightly-used and have low mileage that’s only a few years of age. This sort of vehicle is more legit since it’s been thoroughly examined and repaired so it looks brand new.


The Differences Between A Used Car And Certified Pre-Owned Car

Choosing between a pre-owned car and a certified pre-owned vehicle is determined by several factors like your needs and budget. But looking at their differences first is the best way to make a wise informed decision.

Here are the key differences between a used car and a certified pre-owned car:


As mentioned above, second-hand vehicles include both used and certified pre-owned, and they’re low-cost options to purchasing cars. Any second-hand vehicle is often called ‘used,’ although not all used vehicles are certified.

  1. Where They Are Sold

Local car dealers or independent individuals usually sell used cars. Meanwhile, certified pre-owned cars are sold by a dealer of the same car brand. CPO cars are certified, which ensures the vehicle’s legitimacy when compared to other second-hand cars.

  1. Certification Process

CPO vehicles have passed thorough inspections, beginning with reviewing the vehicle’s complete history record to assure it’s not stolen before being sold. The inspection process is handled by the car’s original manufacture, which includes everything from testing the suspension, brakes, and gearbox, among others. Once the car passes the inspection process, it’ll receive its certification.

On the other hand, used cars didn’t go through such procedures. The car may not have been fully restored, but only enough to make it more pleasant to look at for reselling.

  1. Price

Aside from the thorough examination procedure, the price is another difference. While both are in the classification of second-hand vehicles and are excellent alternatives to new models, used cars will save you significant amount of cash over certified ones. This is due to the fact that they haven’t been thoroughly inspected. However, used cars are more affordable compared to certified pre-owned ones, and buyers aren’t obliged to put as much cash on the table as they would for a CPO vehicle.

  1. WarrantyAnd Benefits

Since a certified pre-owned car went through a certification process by its original manufacturer, its warranty extends beyond the basic initial coverage. Not only do they get warranty coverage, but also a bumper-to-bumper guarantee and a comprehensive history report of the vehicle in certain cases. Also, customers may receive additional perks such as manufacturer-backed warranties, roadside assistance, and more. A used car, on the other hand, doesn’t receive any of these benefits.


Any used vehicle is clearly pre-owned.However, not all pre-owned vehicles are certified. Since used vehicles are more affordable, you don’t need to spend a fortune as you’d be for a new car. So, used vehicles, both certified and non-certified, are great bargains if you’re on a budget.But the only drawback of purchasing a non-certified car is the issue regarding its technical conditions. Luckily, this isn’t the condition with CPO vehicles. They’re sold by legitimate auto dealers and are guaranteed by the vehicle’s manufacturer, with extended warranties.

As you can see, purchasing a pre-owned car, whether non-certified or certified, is a gamble. Now that you know the difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned car, the crossroads you’re in now won’t be so hard to choose.


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