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Tesla Tops 2023 U.S. Car Rankings It recently released its annual Made in the USA Index, which ranks cars sold based on whether they were made in the USA. Surprisingly, only one American brand made it onto the list, not Ford, General Motors, or Stellantis. It might make you scratch your head, but Tesla is the only American automaker on the list. Not only did Tesla make the list, but the electric car maker dominated this year’s Made in America index.

List of Top 10 U.S. Cars are as follows:

1. Tesla Model Y

2. Tesla Model 3

3. Tesla Model X

Four. Tesla Model S

Five. honda passport

6. Volkswagen ID.4

7. Honda Odyssey

8. Acura MDX

9. Honda Ridgeline

Ten. Acura RDX

For the second year in a row, the Tesla Model Y tops the list as the most American-made car. Tesla produces its entire four-EV lineup in the United States. Models Y, 3, X, and S are all built at the automaker’s plant in Fremont, California, but Model Y is also built in Austin, Texas. Tesla has said that every car it sells in the US is made here, which may explain why it tops the list.

“Tesla entered the index just three years ago, but with its headquarters and significant operations in the United States, Tesla’s rise shuffled the deck and gave way to many traditional domestic manufacturers.” said Jenny Newman. Editor-in-chief.

look Honda and Acura Surprisingly, five cars in the top 10 also highlight how foreign automakers are moving production to the US these days. As Mr. Neumann points out, most automakers are starting to target the southern states as the go-to place for U.S. car manufacturing. Cars.comAccording to the report, half of the cars included in the index are assembled in the South, with Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas and Alabama accounting for the majority of domestic car production.

“More importantly, Honda and Toyota It has pushed AMI’s many changes since last year, moving production to the United States, especially in the South, and questioning Americans’ definition of “made in the United States.” ”

2023 Chevrolet Corvette

Consumers looking for traditional American brand vehicles lincoln corsair to 16th place.of chevrolet corvette, the car most people associate with being made in America, ranked 19th.of dodge durango is the top model of Stellantis which won the 21st place.

While being a GM, ford, Stellantis did not have a car in the top 10, but made up the majority of the total number of cars. GM has the most vehicles on the U.S. Made Index list, making up his 18% of vehicles. Ford has the second-most vehicles on the list, alongside Honda and Toyota, while the US brand makes up 17% of the list. Stellantis made up 9% of the list.

Another key trend is the number of SUVs on the list rather than sedans. The majority (59%) of vehicles on the list are SUVs, up from 52% in 2022. Sedan only makes up 17% of the list. Electric vehicles made up an even smaller share than sedans, with 12% hybrids, 8% fully electric, and 2% plug-in hybrids.

To create a Made in America index, Consider five factors: final assembly location, percentage of US and Canadian parts, country of origin for all available engines, country of origin for all available transmissions, and US manufacturing workforce. It claims to have evaluated 388 vehicles and narrowed the list down to 100.

Photos: Tesla Model Y (top), Tesla Model S (middle), 2023 Chevrolet Corvette (bottom)


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