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Tesla, Honda Dominate Majority of U.S. Car Lists

If you buy a new Toyota Tundra Pickup TruckYou will be contributing to the American economy more than buying . New Ford F-150based on’s annual U.S. Made Index released Wednesday.

The Annual Index primarily follows the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) for Parts Procurement that appears on the Monroney sticker of new passenger vehicles. Some F-150s may be built in their hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, but only 30% of their parts are made in the US (and Canada), and the 3.5- and 5.0-liter engines come from Mexico. It is said to be manufactured in Data from AALA.

The San Antonio-built Toyota Tundra is 60% domestically sourced (only 15% is from its home country of Japan), but the engine is made in the United States. There are other factors, but that contributes to the car. Com ranks the Tundra 12th among U.S.-made vehicles, while the Claycomo, Mississippi-built petrol-powered F-150 ranks 66th. Hybrid and battery-electric versions of the Dearborn F-150 rank higher, at 61st and 38th. For F-150 Lightning.

The index does not take into account unit sales, so it is not a measure of car sales relative to the national economy as a whole. The F-150 remains America’s best-selling vehicle and has a huge impact on the domestic economy.

Rather, the index is a touchstone in the fuzzy area of ​​where new-car money goes and who benefits. This appears to matter to at least 48% of people, with a supplemental survey of 1,013 market shoppers finding that they would spend more money on a new car if it would contribute to or create jobs in the United States. I answer that I don’t mind paying.

The undisputed leader in American automobile manufacturing is the lightning rod known as Tesla. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with factories there and Fremont, Calif., the company is the only automaker in the index with 100% of its U.S. sales coming from domestic manufacturing. His four available models from the company scored the top four spots on the list. Tesla Model Y,that is second best selling car It will be second only to the F-150 in the first quarter of 2023.

“Tesla entered the index just three years ago, but with its headquarters and significant operations in the United States, its rise shuffled the decks and left many traditions behind,” Editor-in-Chief Jenny Neumann said in a statement. It has been replaced by a traditional domestic manufacturer.” .

Top 10 U.S.-made index for 2023, according to

The Tundra may not be the only surprise on this list. The list is limited to the top 100 out of 388 candidates based on’s new car inventory and direct audits of dealers nationwide. The fifth most U.S.-built vehicles are honda passport,continue Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover Production moved from Germany to Chattanooga, Tennessee late last year. Rounding out the top ten are other Honda/Acura vehicles.

Honda and Acura topping the list is nothing new, but the emergence of other brands reflects broader manufacturing patterns. Michigan still reigns supreme as the state that produces the most models on the list, but the new storm of development in the South is driven by Nissan and Volkswagen in Tennessee, Honda and Hyundai in Alabama, Joe New manufacturing hotbeds such as Kia Motors in Zia and Toyota in Kentucky. Texas and Indiana. According to, the number of plants in the South has increased 15% since 2020.

Top 10 U.S.-made index for 2023, according to

Top 10 U.S.-made index for 2023, according to

Individual models from Detroit’s big three automakers may not be among the top 10, but they still have a significant presence in the top 100 and contribute significantly to the economy as a whole. Domestic assembly of Ford and Lincoln models accounted for his 77.5% of the brand’s U.S. sales. General Motors vehicles accounted for 18% or 18 models in the 100 vehicle index. In second place is Toyota, with 11 models on the list.

Other criteria in the index include transmission country of origin, engine country of origin, U.S. manufacturing workforce, final assembly location, and percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts.

An additional parameter for this study was that the vehicle should not be too heavy, nor should the sales volume be too low. Neumann didn’t disclose the level of those thresholds, but other U.S.-based electric-vehicle makers that produce domestically didn’t qualify. Lucid Air Due to the low sales volume, the Rivian R1T and R1S are heavy. Presumably this exemption is in accordance with the AALA, which does not apply to passenger vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 8,500 lbs.of Rivian R1T pickup truck and Rivian R1S 3 row seat SUV GVWR is 8,532 pounds.

The methodology hasn’t been updated since 2020, but will likely reflect the impact of the 2023 Inflation Control Act, which will encourage the development and production of electric vehicles in the country. For more information on the 18th Annual American-Made Index Survey, visit Tesla, Honda Dominate Majority of U.S. Car Lists

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