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Tesla China exports to reach 40,479 in February 2023

Beijing (Gusgou)- According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla shipped 40,479 Shanghai-made vehicles to overseas markets in February 2023, up 3.24% from January and 21.5% year-on-year.

The company’s export volume accounted for 54.4% of the monthly Chinese wholesale volume in February. In his first two months of 2023, the US electric car maker has exported his 79,687 cars outside of China from the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Tesla China exports to reach 40,479 in February 2023

Photo credit: Tesla

According to the rankings released by the CPCA, Tesla China ranked sixth on the list of top 10 automakers by wholesale volume of locally-made passenger cars in February 2023, up two places from a month ago. Specifically, the Model Y and Model 3 last month sold 51,412 and 22,990 wholesale units, ranking him second and sixth overall among Chinese-made passenger car models. Notably, out of the top eight model list compiled by CPCA, six models were new energy passenger vehicle (NEPV) models. BYD’s Song (52,400 units), Yuan (33,612 units), Qin (30,540 units), and Dolphin (22,861 units) are all on the list, with the exception of two Tesla models.

In the second month of 2023, China’s homegrown NEPV retail sales reached 439,000 units, up 61% year-on-year and 32.8% month-on-month.

In terms of overall monthly NEPV retail volume in China, Tesla secured 7% of the Chinese market in February, down 1.1 percentage points from the previous month. Last month, local Chinese brands accounted for 64% of his total NEPV retail sales, up 5% from the previous year.

China’s new energy vehicle start-ups’ market share fell 2 percentage points year-on-year to 11% in February. Emerging companies such as Li Auto and NIO maintained strong performance in retail sales compared to the previous year and month. Among auto brands owned by Chinese and foreign joint ventures, Volkswagen’s two Chinese joint ventures led the way, wholesale 6,886 NEPVs last month, accounting for 37% of China’s mainstream all-electric joint venture market. maintained its position.

Tesla China exports to reach 40,479 in February 2023

BYD Han; Photo Credit: BYD

In the second month of 2023, a total of 79,000 NEPVs were exported by Chinese automakers, up 6.76% month-on-month. Of his NEPVs shipped overseas, 96% were battery electric vehicles. For example, the top 10 NEPV exporters in China in February were Tesla China (40,497 units), SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle (16,827 units), BYD (15,002 units), Geely Auto (892 units), and Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen (796 units). was. , Dongfeng eGT (757 units), smart Automobile (652 units), JAC Group (617 units), SAIC MAXUS (452 ​​units), and Skyworth Auto (323 units). Tesla China exports to reach 40,479 in February 2023

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