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Slightly awkward face of the future

Will Seibel Courtney

It took nearly ten years, but genesis is finally coming out of the rise of Rodney Dangerfield. After an awkward transition from the gaudy Hyundai name to selling some rebadged gaudy Hyundais, the South Korean luxury brand has finally produced a full line of cars. It sells three sedans and three SUVs. This is 6 hands that sells the total number of models more than Jaguar, for example.

And since this is 2022, that expansion will include electric vehicle components.However All-new GV60 It’s not just an EV for EV’s sake. In some ways, it’s a game changer for the brand. Looking around at the slightly quirky mugs, there’s a lot to like here.

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What’s special about GV60?

This is Genesis’ first use of Hyundai Motor Group’s breakthrough E-GMP electric vehicle platform. Hyundai Ionic 5 and a star Kia EV6It’s part of a two-pronged electrification strategy pursued by the brand, with more conservative electrified versions of existing gas-powered models such as the G80 Electrified and wilder custom EVs such as the GV60. provide both.

In more ways than one, it also serves as a harbinger of what will happen to Genesis.Door pillar cameras enable facial recognition-based unlocking, and an internal fingerprint reader makes starting your car as easy as logging into it. macbook proAnd in a more strategic sense, it gives us a sense of what the future holds for brands. Genesis has vowed to introduce only electric vehicles after 2025, so the GV60 is a way to help warm buyers about the automaker’s future.

What is driving the Genesis GV60 like?

that’s pretty badass. The GV60 boasts surprisingly tidy dimensions — at 177 inches long, it measures approximately honda civic Hatchback — Relatively large wheelbase provides good turning stability. The steering may not offer much feedback, but it is direct and quick, with an impressive level of agility delivered by better-tuned suspension and a lower center of gravity than any other Genesis released to date. access to is more convenient.

With 429 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque, the GV60 Performance is the most powerful variant of the E-GMP vehicle sold in America. There are caveats. Maximum power he has is 482 hp, but when the driver activates the boost mode he only bursts for 10 seconds at a time. (Time may be limited, but how often is it really necessary for him to accelerate continuously for more than 10 seconds at over 400 hp?)

Press the boost button on the steering wheel to unlock a full whammy and step on the right pedal and the GV60 Performance looks like an A-6 Intruder launched from an aircraft carrier catapult. Like all high-powered EVs, it feels quicker than comparable petrol cars due to the instantaneous response of the motor and the absence of transmission gearbox kickdown issues.

Unfortunately, pressing this button will not reveal John Cena while riding the purple cow.

Of course, range and charging can be a frustrating part of living with an EV. The GV60’s 77.4 kWh battery pack is fairly small by new EV standards, and for that power and other choices made in the name of luxury and performance, the range can’t match its siblings. you can’t. His less powerful entry-level GV60 Advanced is rated at 248 miles on the EPA cycle, while my GV60 Performance tester is rated at 235 miles.

Still, like the Ioniq 5 and EV6, which charge at the fastest speeds of any modern EV, that problem is mitigated to some extent. Thanks to its 800 volt electrical architecture, the GV60 goes from 10 percent battery to 80 percent in just 18 minutes, or about 25 miles to just under 200 miles when connected to a 350 kW charger. You can hop the battery to

That is, of course, if I can find a working charger capable of such power.The best I could do without waiting nearly an hour was a 150 kW charger. Still, I was able to charge the GV60 from 44 percent to 80 percent (equivalent to about 87 miles) in 11 minutes. Of course, the charging speed slows down when the battery is full. Given that it doesn’t have home charging capabilities and is very annoying to turn on in Manhattan, it’s a 30 minute walk around a suburban neighborhood waiting for the Genesis to reach a comfortable 90% range. became.

What’s inside the GV60?

Elegant to say the least. These days, Genesis has quietly but consistently upped its game when it comes to interiors, with the GV60 being no exception, regardless of the price point a model lands in. High-quality materials are used extensively inside, with most surfaces covered in soft, elegant-looking leather, and metal trim dotted elsewhere.

Subtle and obvious details, from the metal shift orb that rotates to reveal a crystal ball when the car is off, to the very convenient provided by the open front floor with space in front of the center console. are seen everywhere. A small backpack or a large purse. Hell, the vehicle-to-load feature of the rear high-voltage outlet means you can even run a TV from the GV60 for a tailgate party if you so desire.

What does the GV60 compete with?

of Tesla Model Y In terms of size, price, unconventional shape and everything else, it’s Genesis’ most obvious competitor.early Audi Q4 E-tron Likewise, you might get a good percentage of potential buyers.of cadillac lyric It comes at a similar price point, but a slightly different proposition in terms of size and power (although the latter will change with the arrival of the dual-motor AWD version soon). If not, BMW i4 It blends luxury and EV performance alike.

However, if you want to explore outside the fancy nameplate, Ford Mustang Mach E Like the GV60’s corporate siblings, the Ioniq 5 and EV6, this one is certainly worth considering. It may lack some very fancy features, but it’s still some of the best EVs sold in the US today, and it can be argued that the GV60 is in that category as well.

2023 Genesis GV60 Performance

Base Price / Test Price: $68,985 / $69,560

Power train: 77.4kWh battery pack, front and rear electric motors

horsepower: 429 (482 in boost mode)

torque: 442 lb-ft

EPA Estimated Range: 235 miles

seat: five

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