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Nyobolt opens door to EV ‘holy grail’ with launch of 6-minute charging car

UK-based Nyobolt, pioneer of groundbreaking ultra-fast charging batteries, today unveiled how its advanced battery technology can transform electric vehicles.

UK-based pioneer of ultra-fast charging battery development, Nyovolt today unveiled how its advanced battery technology could transform electric vehicles. Nyobolt is showcasing a vehicle that can be fully recharged repeatedly in less than 6 minutes, setting a new record for vehicle electrification.

A vision for the future of EVs

Nyobolt’s vision is to solve the core problem at the heart of the EV industry that is hindering the adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

Today’s gasoline refueling convenience is not possible in an EV at this time. As a result, most electric vehicle batteries are large, heavy and expensive, making EVs cost prohibitive for some buyers and vehicles often weighing over two tons. Heavy EV battery pack requirements put a significant strain on the supply of battery raw materials. Today Nyobolt shows that this is no longer the case. Nyobolt unveils new battery technology that is smaller and lighter, can be fully charged in just 6 minutes, and has a range of up to 250 km. This breakthrough will lead to more agile and efficient EVs with lower initial costs, lower running costs and less scarce raw materials.

The Nyobolt EV weighs nearly a tonne instead of two, uses a 35kWh battery and can be fully charged for a range of up to 250km in less than six minutes using existing charging infrastructure. That equates to charging at over 1,600 miles per hour, more than double his fastest charging car on the road today.

New Battery Brings New Design Possibilities

This breakthrough does not come at the expense of battery life. Nyobolt has tested the battery for over 2,000 fast charge cycles without significant performance degradation. This paves the way for the development of ultra-efficient and lightweight EVs.

Furthermore, Nyobolt technology is not limited to small batteries. Larger packs, such as batteries similar to those used in today’s luxury EVs, trucks and buses, could also be manufactured and could be recharged in minutes if a 1MW charger became available. I have.


When considering a car that would show the benefits of fast charging and higher uptime, Njobolt approached famed designer Julian Thomson, who was inspired by the design of the Lotus Elise, perhaps the epitome of a nimble, lightweight sports car. decided to work with The vision of the design is to keep the bold stance of the original with aggressive posture and slouched forward, while evolving it into a car that is wider, longer and lower, with more presence and exaggerated proportions. bottom.

As a friend of the brand, Thomson invited design and engineering firm CALLUM to help develop and bring the design to life. The resulting EV demonstrates how Nyobolt’s innovative battery technology can be easily adopted across the automotive industry.

CALLUM and Nyobolt worked together to take a systems-level approach, addressing each element from materials to cells, packaging, drivetrain and entire vehicle. The final co-design therefore reflects the original vehicle’s premise of a high power-to-weight ratio within an elaborate package.

Ready for rapid scale-up

Nyobolt’s ready-to-deploy technology, slated for mass production in early 2024, opens the door to this “Holy Grail” through its proven 10C (6 minute) rechargeable lithium-ion technology for immediate application and rapid scale-up. .

Nyobolt CEO Sai Shivareddy said: “Solving the challenges faced by electric vehicle designers was key to the development of breakthrough fast-charging batteries. We relied on expensive and bulky battery packs in our vehicles, our proprietary technology enables 6 minute charging vehicles, delivering more power for less time. We have developed a small battery pack that can be charged with

“Our partnership with CALLUM demonstrates how the introduction of system-level innovations will transform the future of electric vehicles and the accessibility of EVs, including 40% of UK households unable to charge their vehicles overnight at home. It shows that we can improve

CALLUM Managing Director David Fairbairn said: “Nyobolt’s pioneering battery technology has provided us with a unique and exciting opportunity to support the design and execution of a vehicle set that marks the advancement of EV technology. Callum’s collective creativity, engineering prowess and tireless work have resulted in an EV that is not only technically exciting for the industry, but aesthetically pleasing as well.”

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