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Nissan may make an electric truck

Ford, GMC and Rivian were the first to enter the all-electric pickup truck segment, but Nissan appears to be about to start a new segment of electric trucks. reported that car newsAfter ditching the Titan, Nissan is considering introducing an electric pickup truck as a way out of the full-size truck market.

Nissan is about to end the full-size pickup truck segment by dropping the Titan. Rather than continue to languish in a segment dominated by domestic options, Nissan may shift its focus to light electric trucks. Tyler He Slade, chairman of the Nissan Dealer Advisory Board, said: auto news Dealers want Nissan to build an electric midsize option. frontierit would be logical for the brand to introduce an electric version of the pickup.

“Frontier Hardbody has been part of the Nissan brand for decades,” said Slade. “It makes sense to introduce an electric version.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about Nissan’s plans to introduce an electric pickup truck. car news Nissan claimed it was considering an electric pickup truck that would fit under the Frontier.More car makers are making electric trucks and ford maverick A very popular option, it seems like the right time for Nissan to expand its truck lineup.

most brands like ford, RivianWhen GMC focuses on the full-size and heavy-duty segments of its first electric pickup trucks. No one has announced an electric mid-duty truck yet, so Nissan could be a first in the industry. It may sound familiar, but that’s exactly what Nissan has done with its all-electric vehicle. leaf.

Nissan isn’t the only company considering launching a new electric pickup truck. There have been reports recently that General Motors is about to unveil its own electric truck, but that model is expected to compete with the Ford Maverick. Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Nissan hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but the automaker showed off a Surf-Out concept last year that could point to a possible production version of the truck. In February last year, Nissan $500 million investment It will allow the brand to produce two all-new EVs at its Mississippi plant. Most signs point to Nissan unveiling an electric truck, and with the brand aiming to unveil 15 new EVs by 2030, Electric Frontier could very well be on the card. expensive.

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