Interesting facts about motorsports betting

The global regulated gambling market generated about $74 billion in gross revenue (out of $490 billion in sales) in 2019 and is forecast to reach $106 billion (out of $770 billion in sales) by 2025.

Here are some interesting numbers on betting in general:

  1. Of the 650,000 sporting events offered by the operators, 99.96% had no integrity issues. It translates to 1 alert for every 2,700 sporting events.
  2. Up to 99% of sales are wagered on markets that are also available before the game, which undermines any purported integrity advantage of prohibiting in-play betting in regulated markets.
  3. 9 out of 10 (91%) of all alerts occurred in primary markets in soccer, with only one suspicious warning in secondary markets for every $2.2 billion in turnover.
  4. Over 50% of tennis alerts were on matches or sets, with only 5% of alerts on bet-only points.
  5. 92% of basketball alerts, and 84% of soccer alerts, were generated by clients from a different country than the potentially corrupt match, thus circumventing any betting restrictions.
  6. The top seven soccer competitions account for less than 25% of total global regulated turnover, with $110 billion wagered on matches outside these significant leagues.
  7. The global regulated betting industry loses around $25 billion a year to match-fixing.

Within sports betting, soccer is by far the biggest sport, followed by motorsports, basketball, tennis, and cycling.

However, motorsports and cycling are considerably skewed by Japan’s substantial inland market. Betting on Kyotei (speedboats) and Keirin (cycling) account for 93% and 98% of the total market for these sports.

Therefore, in terms of genuinely global betting, soccer, basketball, and tennis are the most extensive products.

Another interesting data is the age range of bettors, who are primarily between 18 and 35 years old. It validates the perception that the sector has about the involvement of the new generations in the category. But it also evidences a significant challenge for the companies that commercialise these services to work for the education on responsible gambling.

In Europe, for every 100,000 people registered on betting platforms, 10,000 play, only 10%. On the contrary, in Latin American countries such as Colombia, between 30,000 and 35,000 people play for every 100,000 registered, representing 31%.

What motorsport bets can I bet on?

The most popular events are DTM. In European bookmakers not on Gamstop, Formula 1 is the most popular sport, while NASCAR betting is booming in the US Online.

The wide range of sports portals combines numerous betting offers with each other. They offer, among other things, the best options for Formula 1 live betting, which all users and games can follow live on the screen and then respond dynamically to the race. So naturally, this increases the tension many times over.

MotoGP is a leader in the motorcycle sector and is available at almost all betting providers. In addition, there is even another push to offer combination bets or free motorcycle beds.

NASCAR is a favourite of motorsports fans in the United States. There is no other race here that offers so many web options and is entirely off the bookmaker schedule. However, worldwide, NASCAR still lags far behind Formula 1 and MotoGP.

German touring championships may provide exciting entertainment, including exciting bet offers. The exciting races unite thousands of fans directly on the race track or in front of the windshield. But, of course, there is also many other racing series, such as Formula Three, the Porsche Cup or other small racing series like Moto2 and Moto3.

Interesting facts about motorsports betting

Formula 1: the premier class in motorsports

The premier class in motorsport is Formula 1. That probably won’t change in the coming years. Especially in the Central European sports betting area, Formula 1 ranks high, which may also be due to German racing drivers’ many world championship titles.

Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg have made Formula 1 a blockbuster. Many may not think so now, but MotorSport League races generate more money than many other sports due to the number of spectators and sales on one race weekend alone.

Anyone opting for a web portal should, therefore, first take a look at the Motorsport portfolio to determine whether the desired races or sports are available.

In addition, it is advisable to create an account if the user receives a particular credit, bonus, discount or small gift to help them get started with the portal. A player should only trust a bookmaker with a valid EU license and authorisation to offer sports betting.

Benefits and minuses of betting on sports

Sports betting is increasingly becoming a source of extra income for many users. But there is also an increasing number of people who turn to specialists for their gambling problems.


  1. More and more people of any sex or age are attracted to the world of sports betting, as it seems to be a simple way to earn money.
  2. Its accessibility is perhaps the main reason, due to the possibility of placing bets both online and physically.
  3. You need only several minutes to open an online account, and in a physical location, it is only necessary to show your ID to corroborate the age of the majority.
  4. The bets are confirmed instantly and the alternatives offered are very numerous.
  5. We can bet on who will win the match or the number of goals to the total corners, throw-ins, or yellow cards.
  6. Tipsters assist in the process. These experts in certain subjects (leagues, sports, countries) offer their forecasts for free or fee.

Interesting facts about motorsports betting

The risks of betting

Pathological gambling is the main problem. Sports betting, like any other game of chance, creates addiction. The biggest drawback is that mostly it is too late when the gambler realises that he is a gambler. And it is a time when the debts amount to a significant amount.

To prevent it, we must be aware at all times of what we are doing. We must always keep in mind that it is not a game or hobby, but something serious to put our money at risk. Bookmakers can also help us in this aspect since they have self-exclusion or income limits.

In short, the world of betting has two very different sides, both positive and negative. We must keep both in mind and always be aware of what we are doing, which is simply playing with our money. We must leave emotions aside and avoid making mistakes that could lead to severe problems. If we achieve this, it will be the first step to earn money in the long term with sports betting.


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