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Integration for efficiency improvement of Honda Finance

Following the consolidation of local offices into three service centers, of American Honda Finance Corp. Improved call center efficiency and employee training.

The financier recently consolidated its service centers from nine locations into three large centers strategically located across the country. Petar Vukrevicsaid the vice president of financial services at American Honda Finance Corporation. Auto finance news.

Integrated into center in Alpharetta, Georgia. Irving, Texas. and Cypress, Calif., was an effort to consolidate Honda and Honda service centers. Acura The third and final office will open in November 2022, the company said in a statement.

“We’ve done things like enhance our website To be more selfish and offer choice for our customers,” he said. “The variety of things we’ve done has allowed us to be more flexible with what the market has to offer. You have to be able to convert.”

receive all calls from anywhere

Vukurevich said the merger would allow Honda and Acura call center workers to receive calls from anywhere in the country, and said it was too early to provide efficiency statistics.

“The system can route calls to available people regardless of where they are. ,” he said. “Right now, our people have the tools at their disposal. , can provide services.

“As our knowledge grows over time, we can improve our service levels,” says Vucurevic. “This has allowed us to train our employees more efficiently on a national basis rather than a geographical basis.”

Vukurevich said the service consolidation will strengthen Honda Finance’s ability to support its parent company. “The new structure will allow us to deploy technology quickly and efficiently to support our customers and dealers,” he said.

minimize impact

The key was keeping dealers and customers informed and minimizing the impact on operations during the three-year process, said Vukulevicz, noting that the pandemic added additional challenges.

“It was a unique time. inventory levels were low“There was a coronavirus outbreak at that time and people were working remotely,” he said. “We learned a lot from it and were able to adopt a hybrid approach to our work, which helped improve employee morale.”

Many employees have moved to where the new center has opened, but with unemployment still low, it remains a challenge to fill the role, Vukulevic said. “There aren’t that many people in the market today, so it’s hard to find people,” he said.

At the end of 2022, Honda Finance Corporation had a balance of $55.1 billion. Big Wheel Auto Financial Data 2023 report. Integration for efficiency improvement of Honda Finance

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