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How to dress for riding a motorcycle during the winter?

“There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes” is a famous saying that many around the world would agree with, even when it comes to more extreme sports and something like riding a motorcycle. True lovers of motorcycles and long-distance riding across the country and the continent will agree that choosing adequate riding clothes is extremely important for several reasons.

Cold weather can be extremely dangerous, not just due to slippery and unsafe roads, but also due to low temperatures and potential storms that can be very inconvenient for drivers.

Freezing while riding a motorcycle is certainly not an option, and it is therefore extremely important that you understand how to choose the ideal clothes for winter and cold weather. We have prepared some unavoidable dressing tips that will be of great use to you.

Choose the right motorcycle jeans and a jacket

First of all, it is essential to find adequate motorcycle jeans and a jacket that will shield you from heavy winds and freezing temperatures. The perfect motorcycle jeans are often over-trousers made of leather, Kevlar, and other synthetic materials that are specially designed for all-day motorcycle riding.

These jeans should also include a thermal liner for when it’s cold and wet. Some of them include hard plastic armor in order to protect knees and hips as well. It’s also essential to choose a bomber jacket or a wind-cheater jacket with vent zips and removable winter lines.

Make sure your chosen jacket is waterproof because it will enable you to drive dry and comfortable driving even in extremely foggy conditions.

A safe helmet is among the top priorities

While choosing winter gear for motorcycle riding, it’s important to understand that a safety helmet is among the top priorities. First of all, it is crucial for the safety of the biker on the wet road. Before starting a long-distance motor ride during the cold winter days, you need to find a perfect helmet with adequate protective features.

We advise you to choose helmets with extra padding and removable liners because they will last longer and will keep you very warm. Besides that, it’s also good to consider helmets with a pin-lock visor. The reason for that is that it keeps visors clean, which results in good and clear visibility even in bad weather conditions such as thick fog.

Goggles are good for eye protection

If you choose an open-face helmet or a skull cap for your winter rides, you’ll need additional eye protection. Glasses or goggles are amazing eye protectors from dust and cold winds. It’s also important for glasses to be made up of crack-resistant material and to provide UV protection.

Just in case, for longer distances, you should have extra goggles or glasses in case something happens to your original ones.

Balaclava is an inevitable part of winter equipment

Balaclava should always be a part of your winter equipment since it will block the cold and retain heat. Remember that it provides immense protection to your head and neck area while driving your motorcycle in harsh winter conditions and tough roads.

Propper gloves and thermals are crucial

Regular bike riding gloves are also crucial for chilly winter days. The best option for you is to buy new waterproof gloves with inner layering that are suitable for winter riding and that will keep you safe and dry.

Also, keep in mind that thermals add a vital layer to the clothing since they retain heat to keep you warm for the whole day of motorcycle riding. Since they are thick and thin, they’ll make your ride in extremely cold-weather very comfortable. Thermal undershirts and trousers are very advisable for winter since they will keep your body warm.


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