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General Motors temporarily suspends paid advertising on Twitter after Elon Musk acquisition

San Francisco, October 29: General Motors has temporarily suspended paid advertising on Twitter as it wants to understand what direction its microblogging platform will take under Elon Musk.

It’s not yet known what percentage of GM’s total advertising budget will be Twitter. “We are working with Twitter to understand the direction of the platform under new ownership,” the company told TechCrunch. Tesla rival General Motors will temporarily suspend advertising on Twitter following Elon Musk’s takeover.

A company spokesperson said late Friday, “We have temporarily suspended paid advertising as part of the normal course of business with major changes to our media platforms. Customer care interactions on Twitter will continue.” Told.

New companies like Ford, GM, Stellantis, Porsche, VW, Volvo, and Rivian have accounts on Twitter. Elon Musk becomes CEO of Twitter, rescinding permanent ban on blocked accounts.

General Motors’ decision to shun paid advertising on Twitter came after Musk attempted to allay concerns about the future of advertising on the platform through an open letter.

“There was a lot of speculation about why I bought Twitter and what I thought about advertising, and most of it was wrong,” said the Tesla CEO.

He told advertisers that he wanted to make the platform the most respected advertising platform in the world. said he could not become

He said it is essential to show ads that are as relevant as possible to the needs of Twitter users. “Irrelevant ads are spam, but relevant ads are really content,” Musk said.

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