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Five Questions … Betty Jotanovic, President of Chrysler Capital and Automotive SCUSA

Betty Jotanovich new president of chrysler capital and automatic relationship Santander Consumer USAcontinues to build partnerships with lenders leveraging her extensive experience in the automotive and financial industry, including assembly line, collection, finance, sales and operations.

Betty Jotanovic, President, Chrysler Capital & Automotive, Santander Consumer USA
Betty Jotanovic, President, Chrysler Capital & Automotive, Santander Consumer USA

Jotanovic’s love of the automotive industry began early in his career, when he spent a year working nights on an assembly line. chrysler motors 1994 while in law school.

He then held various positions at Chrysler Financial for nearly 13 years before being promoted in 2008 to manage the lender’s turnaround strategy. bank of america, GE Capital before going back to auto.

“What intrigued me about Santander is that I love cars,” said Jotanovic. auto finance news“I let it sit for four and a half years, and I missed it. I remember the leader saying, “I could see the sparkle in your eyes when you talked about cars.” I love it… I’m really excited to see what the future holds for us. ”

In his new role at SCUSA, Jotanovic’s main focus is continuity. Building partnerships While making a name for SCUSA as a full-spectrum lender, she said she was active in the areas of credit, financing and dealer management.

Auto Finance Excellence We asked Jotanovic about her career, her approach to leadership, and her thoughts on trends in the auto finance industry. Below is an edited version of the conversation.

Auto Finance Excellence: in about 10 words, wWhat are your company’s goals?

Betty Yotanovich: Provide the best dealer and customer experience across lending.

AFEs: What do you think are the most undervalued lending trends?

BJs: of digital adoptionWe have seen a lot of movement during COVID. It’s a very paper-heavy industry, and I think you’ve seen more movement during COVID than your entire career. But there is still a long way to go when it comes to digital adoption.

AFEs: What’s your favorite piece of leadership advice you’ve ever received?

BJs: Every day is an interview. Many people focus on preparing for jobs and interviews when they see their jobs posted. My advice to people thinking about changing jobs is that every day is an interview. You never know who you’ll run into. A colleague may one day become your manager. Your direct report may one day become your manager. Someone you did a project with may be hiring. The best way to make connections and get your next role is to treat every day like an interview.

AFEs: Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

BJs: I would tell my parents I have first generation immigrant parents. They were very tough, but also very supportive and nurturing.

AFEs: What surprises your employees to find out about you?

BJs: A lot of people didn’t know I started on the assembly line. Too often we look at our leaders and think they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth or were put in an advantageous position.To be honest, I was embarrassed [about]I don’t want to say I’m ashamed, but in a way I wasn’t proud. It was a means to an end. It’s a job in times when it’s hard to get a job. flexibility to go to school, [receive] Refund of tuition fees. It was a very humbling experience and maybe I wasn’t proud of it, but from the assembly line to Chrysler I think he set an example of what would stop if he could be president of Capital, so now I am very proud. Who?

– Additional reporting by Joey Pizzolato

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