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Ferrari Prosangue First Drive Review: More than just a ‘Ferrari SUV’

Gargnano Italy – Driving a Ferrari Prosange on a ski day in the Dolomites, the scenery is as clear as the skies of northern Italy. When onlookers plan to spin with their skis on, the Purosange instantly becomes the fastest, most desirable gondola on the planet.Now all you need is his $398,350, and optionally about $50,000 to his $100,000, so you too can bring your partner and adorable Moncler-clad kids to frolic on the Moncler slopes. Aspen, Chamonix or here in Italy Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta. Just know that even though you’re driving the first-ever Ferrari SUV, you may still need his roof rack.

Now, if you’re still crying about Ferrari building an ‘SUV’, stop. You sound like a grump still swinging his fist at his Porsche Cayenne. Alpha Stelvios and Mustang Machaes. Maybe you are the same moody.See, the world started turning into SUVs in primitive times Explorer About 25 years ago it started to flip. The breed has morphed and evolved so many times that the old derogatory “SUV” barely describes most of today’s automobile-based vehicles. crossovercloser to a hatchback or wagon than Hummers and WagoneersThat’s definitely the case with Prosange.

Here in Italy, stylish Ferrari executives are only a little jaded by the catch-all word ‘crossover’ before admitting that designer shoes almost fit. With its sleek silhouette and red-painted valve covers on the naturally aspirated V12, it’s clear that the Prosangue is more of a genre-blurring wonder wagon than an SUV. A second look, this time with the narrow cargo area behind the exotically shaped rear seats, suggests a hatchback: at 16.7 square feet, it’s theoretically smaller than all subcompact SUVs. auto blog have Freight testedFerrari has a history of 2+2 models, including the latest GTC4 Lusso, but “+2” usually means two custom suitcases. Or, in rare cases, the flexible son of a divorced Monaco playboy. , rightfully directs humans to the (heated, reclining) backseat.

The solution is a brave pair of rear-hinged suicide doors that open and close fully by simply pulling the outer tab or pressing the inner button. A single massive rear hinge supports each of the open sesame portals. Once on board, a six-foot adult finds a modest perch, albeit with his head partially in the cavity of the window adjacent to the headliner. Again, after his 75-year history with Ferrari, it seems like the owner could even conceive of having grown-up friends and family in the backseat for a fantastic drive or his four-person dinner. This is the first time I’ve been

A cheeky colleague shows up on our media drive Lamborghini Urus But Italy’s one-up attempt only highlights how easy the choice is in theory (more on that later).of Urus 641 horses to Ferrari’s 715, capable of being fast and brutal and costing $133,350 the following to start.but lambo looks like a battered hippo Audi Q8) next to Ferrari’s sleek snow leopard. Additionally, the Purosangue is fitted with a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated, handcrafted Ferrari V12, rather than a twin-turbo V8 supplied by Audi or the Volkswagen Group. Prosange is Italian for “thoroughbred” or more literally “pure blood”. It’s a name that’s not without merit. Throw in Multimatic’s new active suspension, Ferrari’s trick 3-speed front transaxle, 4-wheel steering, and the first application of the encyclopedia of F1-derived tech seen in previous Ferraris, and this is much more than a regular ultra bike. It can be seen that Luxury SUV.

Inside, a slim console bisects the two rear seats, and there’s no five-seater. The console integrates a cool pop-up rotary knob and embedded screen that repeats on the dashboard and manages climate control. The front knobs emphasize the dual cockpit layout that avoids the central screen.It focuses on design, materials and human-centric performance, including a stunning pair of mirror-matched binnacles for driver and passenger. The extended cabin, surrounded by an electrochromic roof), offers space for the best audio system in any Ferrari: the Burmester audio system, a German audiophile brand, 1,420 watts. and 21 speakers including fancy ribbon tweeters and Subwoofer.

The Purosangue adopts all-digital gauges and HMIs from the rest of Ferrari’s range, including a 10.3-inch passenger-side screen with enhanced features. The driver’s screen is dominated by his 1’s and 0’s version of Ferrari’s classic yellow tachometer, showing the V12’s crescendo reaching his 8,250 rpm peak. But Ferrari has demanded too much from a single screen, including housing phone-based navigation.Wireless Apple CarPlay is on board, and wireless Android Auto is coming. There is no in-car navigation. To make matters worse, that screen is managed by a very awkward thumb doohickey on the dramatic carbon fiber-trimmed steering wheel. It’s tactile and just as unfortunate as stubbornly resisting commands or jumping over desired icons on the screen. Simple scroll wheels and switch pads could easily be improved.Even settling into a radio station or fiddling with navigation can be a worrying exercise in keeping your eyes off the road and distracting you. please do not I want a 715 horsepower “SUV” for $500,000.

It’s amazing that this 715 horse has a V12 naturally aspirated engine. 812 Super Fast It will have the last Ferrari 12-cylinder, at least without hybrids. Now, it is Purosange that is ticking the clock. Remember, Ferrari only made V12 models, from his seminal 1.5-liter 125S in 1947 to the brand’s first V8-powered Dino-badged 308 GT4 in 1974. please give me.

Like the 812 and various predecessors, Prosangue’s glorious V12 sits entirely behind the front axle, transmitting power via a rear transaxle. The new 8-speed DCT gearbox is 12 pounds lighter than his 7th on the 812, despite the added matches 296GTBShort gear ratios from 1st to 6th and including long 7th and 8th gears for easier cruising and reduced fuel consumption. Still, with about £1,000 more than the 812 Superfast and the added AWD, the Purosangue will be a serious glutton for premium unleaded fuel. Ferrari estimates the curb weight he puts at 4,774 pounds, which is about 100 lighter than the Urus.

The Purosangue actually looks a lot like the 812, with more lift in the loafers and more weight around the waist.Proves the same double agent character as switching handles Manettino Setting: Part GT smoothie, part ruthless assassin who can get it, and that wingman who’s momentarily pinned down by a cop. Ferrari cites his 3.3-second burst from 0-62 mph (100 kph), a 10.6-second to 124 mph (200 kmph) burst, and a top speed of over 193 mph. Automated launch samples of some neck-snapping of his controls to see galloping progress.

Ferrari summons all its prized chassis magic to make the Prosangue more agile and fun than it should be. Up front, his compact 3-speed transmission, less than 7 inches long, diverts torque between the front wheels to increase traction and reduce understeer and inertia. Head down the snow-covered dirt he lane just below the high-speed gondolas of the Madonna di Campiglio ski area. This area was purchased by Ferrari to showcase Prosangue’s winter skills. After doing some reconnaissance of his seat with his rally driver and shotgun the Italian pro (yes, the Purosangue can definitely drift through the trees), I got behind the wheel and quickly found a grip , instilled confidence.

The only scary part is who in the real world blows snow and ice off those stubby 22-inch front, 23-inch rear forged alloy wheels. A sympathetic glance at the muddy Ferrari reveals its myriad air management strategies. What looks like decorative SUV body cladding is actually intricate floating wheel arches that help smooth out turbulence. A subtle roof spoiler directs air into dual channels to clear the wiperless rear he glass.

Ferrari’s active suspension technology has never been tested in a car before, so it’s worth mentioning. Working with his MultiMatic guru in Canada — perhaps best known for Ford GT — Its TASV (TrueActive SpoolValve) damper incorporates a worm gear and screw inside the damper. Networked to various F1-derived systems, a 48-volt electric motor in the dampers regulates the body. roll, yaw, pitch and dive at 50 ms intervals. This eliminates the need for air springs and heavy, relatively one-note anti-roll bars. For the first time, the car’s body works with a completely independent multi-directional control circuit, not the suspension or wheels. If a wheel falls into a hole or the suspension rattles on the washboard surface, the worm gear and screw react to handling forces and apply active forces to the body and wheels to counter them. .

When you hit a curve, the Prosangue automatically lowers the car to smooth out any bumps in the road. The net result is that drivers can leave their Ferraris on track with the softest suspension settings without any loss of performance. There is still a separate push-button suspension control. Manettinobut the only reason to choose a stiffer setting is if you want to feel more bumps and hand bumps.

Lift the Prosangue and try it yourself on the devilish winter switchbacks of Monte Bondone, which has an autohill climb legend that dates back to the 1920s. A skier on the adjacent hillside once again squints at the approach of his hometown hero as a big Ferrari connects his fours. winter tires — mandated by Italian seasonal regulations — and howls like a madman. Its lungs are not filled with turbocharged air and fuel. The solution is to keep the engine in its sweet spot. La Dolce Vita.

The backside descent proved to be much more wild and it was time to rock in. The Purosangue flew in excess of 130 mph on salt-dusted descents, and the 12-cylinder hits the addictive redline On those steep and tricky descents, I really appreciate that the pleasing brake-by-wire system inherited from the 296 GTB keeps this heavy beast under control. In the late stretch of the Autostrada, I flew it. LED shift lights flashed across the rim of the steering wheel like Christmas trees.

Rest assured, it’s a real Ferrari.Something that provides everyday space and diversity FF 2 door shooting brake and its GTC4 Lusso A successor could not provide enough. Power and performance are also decisively improved. And while Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Astons have built enough SUVs for Martin to quickly become the brand’s best-sellers, Ferrari has vowed to limit Prosangue to no more than 20% of his total output. That means there are about 2,000 copies worldwide annually, most of which are intended to carry the card. Tifosi I have a history of owning previous new Ferraris. Makes sense. Thoroughbreds should be rare.

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