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Dongfeng Motor’s new power battery system enables CLTC range of more than 1,000km

Shanghai (Gasgou)- Dongfeng Motor Corporation today announced through its WeChat account that its technology center has achieved another breakthrough in the research and development of power battery systems.

Automaker says the company’s new power battery system offers over 1,000km of CLTC range in complete vehicles after in-vehicle testing conducted on vehicle models under development on Dongfeng Motor’s strategic new energy vehicle (NEV) platform Said I could.

Photo courtesy of Dongfeng Motor

Thanks in part to Dongfeng Motor’s proprietary high-efficiency assembly technology, the new battery system is capable of energy densities in excess of 230Wh/kg.

In addition, this power battery system utilizes an intelligent all-weather battery safety management system to enable millisecond level response speed. The battery system, backed by high-precision SOX estimation and lithium dendrite self-healing technology, effectively reduces users’ cruising range anxiety, greatly improved service life, human-machine interaction experience, Characterized by the accuracy of distance calculations.

According to the automaker, the new power battery system employs a high-tensile aluminum alloy frame to provide primary modalities above 60Hz. The optimization of the structural topology makes the structure of the battery pack more durable.

The power battery system also uses a fire extinguishing system as part of its safety assurance approach. Dongfeng Motor’s new power battery system enables CLTC range of more than 1,000km

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