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Dacia’s Spring beats all China EVs on price in Europe

The European Commission’s investigation into cheap Chinese electric vehicles flowing into the bloc will find an ironic twist:

No automaker has taken advantage of China’s low-cost base for manufacturing EVs more than one of Europe’s own.

Renault Group has for several years marketed the Dacia Spring as Europe’s most affordable electric car.

The crossover built in China’s Hubei province starts at 20,800 euros ($22,300) in France, or 15,800 euros after a state subsidy.

By comparison, when China’s top-selling EV maker BYD announced pre-sale prices for the EV range it was starting to market in Europe a year ago, the most affordable model the company offered was the 38,000-euro Atto 3 crossover.

BYD has not been alone in exercising some restraint rather than pricing for volume.

Models from Chinese-owned brands including MG, Polestar and Nio sell for much more in key European markets than back home — a potential fly in the ointment for those who applauded Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s announcement of the probe Wednesday in parliament.

“Global markets are now flooded with cheaper Chinese electric cars, and their price is kept artificially low by huge state subsidies,” von der Leyen said Wednesday.

“This is distorting our market, and as we do not accept this distortion from the inside in our market, we do not accept this from the outside.”

Here are some examples of the sizable differences between what automakers are charging for EVs imported into Europe from China, and how much they cost where they are built:

BYD Dolphin
In France: 28,990 euros
In China: 116,800 yuan (15,200 euros) Dacia’s Spring beats all China EVs on price in Europe

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