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Can Tesla Cybertrucks Go Off-Road?

The Tesla Cybertruck still isn’t on sale and we don’t even know if production of the electric pickup has started yet, but that isn’t stopping Tesla from sharing videos of the truck being tested. The latest video, which Tesla’s official account posted on X, showcases a pair of Cybertrucks off-roading.

Tesla’s official account shared the roughly seven-minute-long video that appears to be taken from the seat of a Cybertruck. The main focus is a leading Cybertruck that’s off-roading in Baja California. Based on the quality of the video and its length, it looks like Tesla didn’t edit the photo in any way and showcases how the Cybertruck deals with the terrain.

It’s clear that the Cybertruck doesn’t have any major issues off-roading, but then again, this isn’t a grueling course. It looks like a regular dirt trail that most vehicles would be able to tackle. In fact, you can even see some regular vehicles, like an older Toyota Tacoma, driving down the same trail as the Cybertucks. The video isn’t nearly as impressive as the one that showcased the Rivian R1T scaling Hell’s Gate in Moab, Utah.

Still, we’re sure Tesla fans who have been waiting for the Cybertruck to go on sale for the past few years will see the latest video as another sign of the truck’s capabilities. We don’t have a lot of information on the Cybertruck, especially after Tesla took down the truck’s specs a few years ago, but the EV certainly has qualities that make it good at off-roading.

The Cybertruck has enormous fender flares and a decent amount of ground clearance. We also suspect that the Cybertruck will have a lot of horsepower and torque, seeing as how Tesla claims it can get to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Tesla’s website also claims that the truck has air suspension and active dampers, while the narrator in the video claims the truck has an off-road mode.

Thanks to instantaneous power, EVs tend to be more capable than gas-powered vehicles when it comes to off-roading. Plus, we’ve seen vehicles like the Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S with their quad-motor configuration do impressive things off-road thanks to special packaging of components and the way power is delivered. With Tesla attempting to raise the bar with the Cybertruck, we expect the electric truck to have great off-roading capability and have a few off-road party tricks.

Pictured: Tesla Cybertruck

Source: Electrek

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