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2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Soars $12,000, Close To $54,000

Ford raises base price for 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning $5,000 for a professional electric pickup truck, the truck maker revealed this week. This is his first price increase in two years for the popular electric pickup.

In August, Ford skyrocketed prices across the board. The base Lightning Pro model jumps from $41,669 to $48,769, which includes a $1,795 destination charge. The latest price increase applies only to the base Lightning Pro, which is currently sold only to fleets that have purchased at least five electric pickups and are certified as fleets by Ford. The two price increases add up to a total of $12,100, or about 30%, bringing the starting price, including destination, to $53,769.

Big price hikes for electric cars have become the norm this year, with Rivian, Tesla and Lucid raising prices to cover material costs. Ford cited material costs and “other factors” in adjusting his MSRP for the Lightning when his 2023 order book opens on Thursday. Ford also said reservation owners who have already placed orders but are still waiting for their trucks will not be affected by the price increase.

Applies only to 2023 model year trucks that have not yet been ordered. Nearly all automakers have raised prices across their model lines for 2023 due to a lack of chops and inflationary pressure, but electric cars have suffered the biggest shock. Rivian Announces $12,000 Price Increase For those who have a reservation for R1T pickup truckOn June 1, Lucid increased the price of its Air luxury sedan by $15,000, while Tesla offered at least 7th price increase since 2020 its entire EV lineup.

So far this year, the only automaker to buck the trend has been Chevrolet. 2023 Chevrolet Volt Price Cuts Electric hatchbacks are up nearly 20%, starting at $26,595.

The price increase for the base Lightning Pro includes increased range from 230 miles to 240 miles using the standard 98 kwh battery pack. Standard-range batteries are available for $61,269 ($6,600 more) on the XLT and $76,269 ($7,100 more) on the Lariat.

Models with a 131 kWh extended range battery pack with an estimated range of 320 miles will also be priced higher. The XLT High jumps from $8,500 to $80,974, the Lariat jumps to $85,974, and the Platinum expansion range increases from $6,100 to $98,669 to top the lineup.

The 2023 F-150 Lightning can be equipped with Ford’s Pro Trailer Hitch Assist. This assist controls the steering, brakes and throttle when hitching a trailer. Electric trucks are now on sale. 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Soars $12,000, Close To $54,000

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