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Yark Automotive Group Offers Ohio Car Buyers A New Complete Online Car Buying Solution Using Yark QuickBuy-Digital

Financial automation allows Yark QuickBuy customers to sort and compare vehicles based on their monthly budget.

Image: Yark QuickBuy

Toledo, Ohio – Yark Automotive Group (Yark) is a new used car buying experience that combines artificial intelligence (AI) with local customer service to help customers find the right car for their lifestyle and budget. Announced the release of Yark QuickBuy. While Yark has supported the online sales side, Yark QuickBuy customers can spend just 20 minutes on the entire car purchasing process, from car browsing and financing options to adding aftermarket products and scheduling homes. You can now complete it online at. delivery.

Billy Yark, Group Marketing and E-Commerce Director, Yark Automotive Group, said: , Whenever you want to shop. We are proud to be the first dealer to offer an online car buying experience in Toledo, but for some reason customers come to the dealer to see the car or our sales expert, it is always It is an option. ”

Yark QuickBuy uses Cox Automotive’s state-of-the-art EthntialCommerce ™ technology to guide consumers through the car buying process faster, more seamlessly and more completely than any other digital platform. With AI-powered shopping capabilities and patent-pending financial automation, customers can see pre-qualified payments for all used cars in stock and shop at manufacturer, model, price, and monthly budget. I can do it.

The main benefits for consumers buying vehicles through YarkQuickBuy are:

  • Automatic financing and creditor approval
  • 360 degree vehicle view
  • Transparent pricing
  • Normative aftermarket and insurance products
  • Reliable trade-in opportunity with Kelley BlueBook® Instant CashOffer (ICO)
  • Safe and secure completion and signing of transaction paperwork and payments
  • Free white glove vehicle delivery within 50 miles from the dealer

“Yark QuickBuy is the future of car buying,” said Scott Duncan, Yark QuickBuy Manager. “It’s great to be able to offer our customers reliable options to complete their purchases online, while providing the same local expertise and aftermarket services that we have provided for over 40 years. In addition to the hassle-free return policy of 5 days or 500 miles for each purchase, we offer a limited warranty of 3 months or 3,000 miles. If you change your mind for any reason, your vehicle You can return the item and receive a full refund. “ Yark Automotive Group Offers Ohio Car Buyers A New Complete Online Car Buying Solution Using Yark QuickBuy-Digital

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