Yamaha launches 15hp Aerox in metallic black

Then barely 2 months lLaunched 15hp Aero x155, India’s Most Powerful Scooter, September 21st. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. today announced a new variation of the metallic black color. The price is 129,000 rupees (in front of the showroom in Delhi). The company claims to have received a strong market reaction to the Aerox 155 since the launch of the scooter.

With the addition of new colors, Aerox is available in three colors: Racing Blue, Graver Million and Metallic Black.

The new Yamaha will use a 155cc, VVA, single-cylinder engine based on that used by the R15 to develop 15hp and 13.9Nm. These numbers are lower than the R15 numbers, but much higher than any other scooter sold in India. Combined with the CVT drivetrain, this should be a pretty flashy scooter. The Yamaha Aerox 155 weighs 126 kg and has a very competitive curve weight.

Aerox 155 is an underbone design with a prominent spine. In terms of functionality, there is a large 25 liter underseat storage space. Other features include digital instrumentation, start / stop technology, LED lighting, charging sockets, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is also equipped with large 14-inch wheels and 140-section wide rear tires on both ends.

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Yamaha launches 15hp Aerox in metallic black
Yamaha launches 15hp Aerox in metallic black Yamaha launches 15hp Aerox in metallic black

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