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X44 team dominates Sardinia X pre-qualifying

X44’s Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez led the qualifying for the Eneru X Island X Puri in Sardinia on what is widely expected to be the most technically challenging course of the season.

Located in the Capoteurada military training area inland from the coastal town of Portopino on the southwest coast of Sardinia, the unique course offers new challenges for 18-series drivers. Their ODYSSEY 21 machine to take to maximize their performance.

Despite Gutierrez’s off-course excursion in one lap, the overall pace of Team 44 in the morning session maintained a 100% record as the fastest qualifying of the season, steadily surpassing the time. I did. The trouble-free qualifying two runs meant even faster time in the afternoon session, with Gutierrez and four Sardinian rally winners Robe leading the field again, confirming the top qualifying spots four times in a row.

The X44 scored up to 18 points. This was seven points more than its closest rival and championship rival, Rosberg X Racing, and set up a rival gauntlet on the final day.

Rosberg X Racing was the second fastest qualifying and made an impressive recovery after the team started today’s qualifying spectacularly. Molly Taylor rolled back the team’s ODYSSEY 21 in the opening run, but like the Arctic X Prix in Greenland, the Australian star completed the run unwaveringly and completed the RXR morning session 6 times. Finished second fastest. This gave the championship leader a lot to do in qualifying 2. Johann Christopherson lost time on lap two after the rear of the car jumped into the air in one of the undulating sections towards the end of the 7km route. , Their pace was still good enough that they finished 3rd in the session and 2nd overall.

ABT CUPRA XE showed consistent speed throughout qualifying after overcoming power steering issues in yesterday’s free practice. Mattias Ekström and Jutta Kleinschmidt enjoyed a clean run in the morning session and set the fourth fastest time in qualifying 1. Despite a minor spin of Extrome during the afternoon run, ABT CUPRA XE finished second in qualifying and finished third overall.

Despite picking up bodywork damage in qualifying 1, the pairing of the ACCIONA | Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz Sainz XE team got off to an impressive start and was the second fastest in the morning session. However, due to steering problems, Sants spun in the second run of qualifying, which hindered the team’s progress in the afternoon session and was further delayed by Sainz’s reset in the switch zone. Sainz safely brought the car home and set the eighth fastest time in qualifying 2 and Acciona. The fast speed of the Sainz XE team ensured that they finished fourth fastest overall.

SEGI TV Chip Ganassi Racing quickly got out of the block in free practice, but a disaster occurred early in qualifying 1 as Sara Price had to stop the lap due to a damaged suspension. This meant that the team couldn’t set the time and ended the morning session at the end. However, the Ganassi team bounced back in an impressive style in qualifying two, with Kyle LeDuc and Price setting the second fastest time in the afternoon, ending the day fifth fastest.

Arctic X-Pri winner Andretti United Extreme E got off to a difficult start in Qualifying 1, with Timmy Hansen suffering from power steering issues on the track. The problem was resolved in the driver switch zone in time for Kathy Munnings’ first run, but these early reliability issues allowed the team to manage only 7th place in the morning session. However, Hansen and Mannings were able to show the true speed of their car in the afternoon session, finishing qualifying 2 fourth fastest and sixth in the combined classification.

After suffering suspension damage in free practice, JBXE’s ODYSSEY 21 was repaired and ready for qualifying 1. Kevin Hansen and Mikaela Arincotlinsky made up for the loss of time-outs on the track and ensured consistent speed in the morning session. However, Arin Kotlinsky spun towards the end of the second lap of qualifying and Hansen suffered minor damage during the run, so JBXE finished 6th and 7th overall in the afternoon session.

After a quick look at the free practice, Stéphane Sarrazin and Emmagilmore enjoyed a clear run to secure the third fastest time, and Velos Racing backed it up in impressive qualifying 1. However, in the afternoon session, Saladdin suffered heavy damage on the track, restraining their progress. In other words, the team could not set 2 qualifying times and finished the overall qualifying classification with 8.

XITE ENERGY RACING suffered steering damage early in the first run of qualifying, so it was not possible to set the time and ended the session in 8th place. However, both Oliver Bennett and Christine GZ were able to complete the run in qualifying 2 despite being penalized for 10 seconds for missing a checkpoint. As a result, the team finished the afternoon session 7th fastest and 9th in the overall classification.

X44, SEGI TV Chip Ganassi Racing, Andretti United Extreme E advance to Semifinal 1, Rosberg X Racing, ABT CUPRA XE, Acciona | Sainz XE team advance to Semifinal 2, the top two of each race are slots on the grid of the final Book. In the crazy race, the bottom three teams of JBXE, Velos Racing and XITE ENERGY RACING will participate, and the winner will advance to the final. X44 team dominates Sardinia X pre-qualifying

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