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X44 robe and Gutierrez dominate Sardinia XE first day – Dirt Fish

Team X44 continued to dominate Saturday at Extreme E by sweeping the qualifying for Sardinia’s Island X-Prix.

Lewis Hamilton’s team first ended the opening session with a 12.28 second gap against Axiona Signs after a barnstorming run from Sebastien Loeb that helped the team recover from Christina Gutierrez’s spin on the opening lap. bottom.

The X44 then ran regularly in the second qualifying session, running a little less than 20 seconds faster than the morning break.

Championship leader Rosberg X Racing took second place overall despite the suspension of both first and second quarter runs.

In the morning session, Molly Taylor took a roll on the second lap of the team, but her quick recovery associated with problems with other teams meant that RXR was still in sixth place overall at that time. Meaning that.

Taylor did not have such a problem in the afternoon, and after she handed over the car to Johan Kristoffers, the team went to the second course before the late puncture delaying the three World Rallycross champions. It looked like there was.

This caused Taylor and Kristofferson to fall to third place in the session, but nonetheless, Sunday’s second semi-final scored enough qualifying points to take second place overall and pole.

Third place was on the path of Apt Cupra, and Mattias Ekström finished 0.95 seconds at the end of the first lap in the morning before finishing fourth.

The afternoon Extrom spin missed a chance for him and his teammate Jutta Kleinschmidt to win qualifying, but their result was that they only missed second place in the category for a better individual in RXR. He gave RXR the same number of qualifying points. result.

Acciona Signs’ strong morning performance was hampered by DNF in the second qualifying. Laia Sans is one of several drivers who have had steering problems.

Chip Ganassi Racing continued its horrific luck trend this season, failing to complete a single lap in the first quarter after Sara Price suffered a suspension failure in a collision with a hidden rock.

However, the team was more than able to make up for it in the second quarter, but overall it was the second fastest time.

Kyle Leduc went down to the right in the middle of the “Lane’s” section, where others preferred to take the far-left approach, and chose another line from the start.

Andretti United came in sixth after having problems in the first quarter. Timmy Hansen lost power steering on the first bump of the team’s opening lap, making the first loop difficult.

In fact, the 2019 World RX Champion exacerbated an old shoulder injury while wrestling a car around the course and dislocated three times when fighting to control the car.

Quickly resetting the car’s system during a driver change meant a much easier run for teammate Kathy Munings, followed by Andretti’s fourth trouble-free run in the second quarter. I did.

Sunday’s “Crazy Race” lineup will be locked out from 7th to 9th in JBXE, Velos Racing and Xite Energy Racing. The winner of this race will participate in four qualifying rounds from the semifinals of the final field.

Following JBXE’s regular practice in the first session, Mikaela Åholinkotlinsky’s half-spin occurred in the afternoon, slowing her and her teammate Kevin Hansen significantly.

Emagilmore and Stephane Sarrazin of Velos Racing showed a strong run in the morning, but the team won the DNF due to a steering arm failure on Sarazan’s afternoon lap.

Meanwhile, Xite Energy Racing made a similar mistake in the morning and was penalized for Oliver Bennett’s loss of Gate 19 in the afternoon session. X44 robe and Gutierrez dominate Sardinia XE first day – Dirt Fish

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