Why Your Car Needs a Doctor Recommended Memory Foam Seat Cushion from Everlasting Comfort

Most people in the U.S. spend a significant amount of time during their life sitting down. Staying seated for long drives for five days a week will add up throughout the years you will spend in the workforce. And that’s not to mention the time sitting in front of your desk. Chances are once you arrive home from your long workday, you take a seat on the couch and put on some TV to help you unwind from an overwhelming workday. You may not even realize how much time you spend during the day seated.

The obvious solution to this may be to hit the gym before heading to work or walking your dog when you get home to get in some steps. However even if you take these steps, when you get into bed at night you may start to notice that it can be hard to get comfortable after sitting in the same position for so long. So, what can be done? Well unfortunately it is not as simple as “sit less”. We are often required to sit at our office jobs and your hour-long commute cannot be done standing up. Instead of sitting less, the real solution here is to sit properly.

Posture Getting you Down?

Most back and neck pain is the result of poor posture, rather than the sitting itself. There are many risks associated with poor posture such as spinal misalignment, tailbone bruising and even heartburn. Poor posture can be hard to train out of, especially when your mind is focused on all the work you have to get done that day. This is where seat cushions come in. Seat cushions work to promote healthy posture by conforming to your body and adjusting based on your individual needs. They will help you keep your hips above your knees and your feet planted on the floor, which is the ideal position for spinal health.

Additionally, we love the option of a seat cushion over a full-blown orthopedic chair as they are portable! So once you finish up at the office and head to your car for your commute (and more sitting) you can transfer your seat cushion from your office chair to your driver’s seat. Then bring it inside with you and use it at the dinner table while you eat or on the couch as you catch up on your favorite shows. You really can’t beat the versatility of these seat cushions.

Best Seat Cushion for Good Posture

So which seat cushion is the best for protecting your spine and supporting good posture? Our favorite is theEverlasting Comfort memory foam seat cushion. The memory foam is fantastic as it provides ultimate comfort and support for your unique shape. They also feature an orthopedic doctor recommended design with a U-shaped cutout to support your tailbone. The memory foam makes it easy to carry around for your car and office as the foam can be squished down to fit in any bag. This is especially helpful if you plan to use your cushion for travel via airplane or car.

Bonus Tip!

If you are someone who is average to below average height, consider adding a footrest to your desk space in addition to your seat cushion. Office chairs are typically manufactured with someone who is above average height in mind. This makes it significantly harder for shorter people to be seated in a position that is good for their posture. Like discussed previously, you should ideally be seated with your knees below your hips and your feel on the ground. A seat cushion is great for keeping your hips elevated but can lift your feet further from the ground if you lack height. Elevating your feet with a footrest will solve this problem and keep your mind off of any resulting back pain so you can focus on your work.

Invest in Yourself!

With great products like this on the market, there is no reason you should ever have to feel uncomfortable while sitting down. Whether you are in the office, in the car, on an airplane, at the movies, or out to dinner your seat cushion will be your back’s ultimate companion. Don’t go through life battling constant back and neck pain, your spine deserves better and so do you! Invest in a memory foam seat cushion today!


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