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Why the Parlon Watch Strap is perfect for summer

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From a tailoring perspective, summer presents both opportunities and challenges. Finding something that is stylish, fun, functional, and most importantly breathable. Extend this logic to many things: shorts, baseball caps, T-shirt, Etc., and if you’re a watch geek, this isn’t just a watch, Stick it on your wrist.. Yes, divers and field watches are great for summer wear, but only if you wear them on your wrist in a way that doesn’t feel hot, sweaty, itchy or heavy.

I like to try new summer watch strap styles every year.A few years ago I was really devoted to the whole thing About NATO To find it, some watches are stylish, but they don’t look good All, Especially dressy watches. Their tight weave is also not exactly breathable.Last year I was really crazy Milanese mesh strap, And while I favor style as a comfortable option, they sometimes feel too sophisticated, well, the metal gets warm in the sun.But this year I spent a whopping $ 16 Crown & Buckle Parlon And I feel that the often-forgotten style may be the perfect compromise.

Parlon, as some of you may not know, is a style of watch strap dating back to the mid-20th century and seems to have been invented by German watch strap maker Eluit. Conceptually, it resembles both NATO and Milanese mesh. Like NATO, Parlon is made of light, durable, and flexible nylon, but not a single tightly woven strip, but a braid of small nylon loops. As a result, like Milanese, the straps have a myriad of perforations, are more breathable than solid ones, and the unique texture of the weave feels more dressy than regular pass-through straps.

In addition, my new Parlon is light and crispy, with elasticity not found in NATO. It has a habit of feeling like it doesn’t exist, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from a summer watch strap. But the best of Parlon is not its light weight, flexibility, durability, breathability and dressy / casual duality. No, if your wrists inevitably swell under the scorching sun, you can make fine adjustments.Find absolutely Perfect The length of the strap on the spot.

If you are dealing with standard NATO, be aware of pre-cut holes that can be too tight or too loose. If you are rocking the Milanese mesh, you will need to remove the watch to readjust the buckle. .. However, Parlon allows for almost unlimited fine-tuning, thanks to its flexible, mesh-like construction and the fact that the pins on the tongue buckle can slide into one of the many perforations on the strap. Do you feel it’s a little too tight? Simply remove the buckle and reinsert it further down the strap within seconds. Is it too loose? Do the opposite.

Patagonia buggy pair or Battenwear baseball capDue to its adaptability, comfort and practicality, Parlon is the perfect summer staple. And, along with its practicality, it brings casual coolness, not to mention its relative ambiguity. Given that even the best options, such as my Crown & Buckle straps and Eluit’s beloved Parlon, cost less than $ 30, they’re pretty easy.

3 Perlon options

Clockwork synergistic effect

Clockwork Synergy Perlon watch strap

$ 12.00

Crown & buckle

Crown & Buckle Linen Melange Parlon

$ 16.00


HODINKEE Logan Parlon Strap

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