White gloss living room furniture ideas

Many people choose to incorporate white into their living room as it offers an effortless, simplistic and timeless look. White will struggle to outdate as it is such a versatile colour and can be applied to many different living room styles including rustic, modern, and chic as well as many others. When considering white gloss ideas, we believe that this style is more directed towards a modern style of living room. However, consider where you apply white gloss as too much incorporated in the one-room can add a tacky or kitsch finish to the area. Here, we will present you with a few different ideas of how you can include white gloss living room furniture in your home.

White gloss sideboard 

A long white gloss sideboard can act as a statement piece to your living room. This could be placed against a wall on its own, with a few plants or vases on top and a canvas directly above, or it could be placed just below your TV. You can also use your white gloss sideboard as a TV unit however, this will add extra clutter to one of the spotlight pieces in your room. We would advise mounting the TV on the wall right above the sideboard and adding LED bias lightly behind the TV to accentuate the white gloss when turned on. If you require a TV wall mounting service, do not hesitate to contact the professionals at https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk

 White gloss flooring

Although it is not white gloss living room furniture, gloss flooring can be extremely effective, especially when trying to make your space look bigger. This tends to come as laminate flooring which can be relatively easy to install, and it does not just need to be a plain standard style as the designs of many gloss floorings can be tiles or wooden floor outlines. White gloss flooring can be an overwhelming statement piece already so try to eliminate featuring more white gloss in the room.

 White gloss coffee table

White living rooms do not only need to feature white; we believe that a nice, simple touch to a modern living room is to incorporate white with another neutral colour such as black, grey, or beige. A white coffee table will look extremely effective in this case. Two black sofas with a white gloss coffee table in the centre in between them will have the ability to make your space pop. The contrast between the two colours can be extremely effective, but ensure you don’t cutter the coffee table with a collection of items. Keep it minimal so that the gloss makes an impact.

 White gloss shelves 

Applying white gloss shelves will make most of an impact when applied on a coloured wall that isn’t white. We say this as the shelf and wall will blend in with one another, and the gloss will not look as effective or forceful as it would if placed against a grey or khaki green wall. If you have a lot of space to work with, try stacking a few white gloss shelves above one another within minimal ornaments on each for a contemporary look.

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