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Power sports dealers will sell electrical products in the not too distant future. The writing is on the wall, as electric cars are already confusing the car industry. As battery prices go down, there will definitely be electric jet skis, snowmobiles, outboard motors and motorcycles. Harley-Davidson Livewire gives you a glimpse into the future.

Similarly, 5G technology and the Internet of Things will revolutionize the industry and revolutionize dealers. Both of these turmoil are in their infancy, but we all need to find out how they affect our business and be prepared for the structural changes that will bring to the industry.

Join us in this free webinar for a live online discussion with our seasoned dealer and 40-year power sports veteran Marc Storey. Mark talks about the future of technology for motorcycle and power sports dealers, and he answers your questions about electrification and 5G.


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