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What’s happening on the road race from Colorado Cycling – 303 Endurance

“Snow, rain, heat, and darkness at night do not keep these coolers from the quick completion of the appointed ones. wrap.. Or something like that. Isn’t it a cyclist’s belief? It was certainly tested at Littleton last weekend. There was a lot of rain and some delay, but in the end all the events took place. Thanks again to Chip Brunk and Physio Racing for setting the highest standards in the state. It’s part of the USA Crits series, which is why we brought in top professional riders from all over the country.

The professional men’s race has become a field sprint as usual. Cory Williams (L3GION of LA) defeated Thomas Gibbons (Automatic Racing) and Tyler Williams (L3GION of LA). Colorado’s top rider was Noah Granigan (Wildlife Generation) in 4th place.

The professional women’s race also ended with a field sprint, with Skyler Schneider (LA’s L3GION) defeating our own Olivia Cummins (LUX) and Harriet Owen (InstaFund Racing). All great work.

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Congratulations to all the winners, as there were many amateur categories in Colorado.

  • McDonald’s (Team Colorado) – SM 3
  • Dom Repucci — SM 4
  • Thomas Ziolkowski — SM 5
  • Meldorman — SW 3
  • Kelly Booth (Physio Racing) — SW 4
  • Emily Dejon (PAA Cycling) — SW 5
  • Andon Lee (Wingman Smart Energy) — MW 40+
  • Suroid (Hammer Racing) — MW 50+
  • Carlos Casari (Franco Factory Racing) — MM 40+ 1-2-3
  • Tyler Peterson (First City Cycling) — MM 40 + 3
  • Donald Dority (Scheels Colorado Racing) — MM 40 + 4
  • Patrick Warner (Stage) — MM 50+ 1-2-3
  • Scott Hog (Modern Market Racing) — MM 50 + 4

Congratulations to all the champions.You can see All results here..

Saturday, August 7 — Pikes Peak Hill Climb
This month was a “climber full” month of racing, but it won’t end until it’s over. This is the end of a long tradition of hill climbing. And one of the two 14 is lucky enough for Colorado cyclists to have fun and test. Also, the early start time allows everyone to get home in time and enjoy Saturday’s family activities.
Saturday, August 14 — Fountain RR — Senior State Championship
Senior RR Championship is coming to Colorado Fountain! With a 40 mile loop, the race will be 80 miles in many categories and 40 miles in the rest. Besides seniors, Dockett has a complete slate of Masters races. If you missed it last spring, this is your chance to check out the new course. It should start at 9am and finish by noon. Enough time to go home and enjoy the weekend. Thanks to Barry Lee and Black Swift for making this happen. Senior, this is your shot in the jersey.
Register here! Registration ends Thursday, August 12th at 11:59 pm
Saturday, August 21 — Jamestown Time Trial from Rally Sports Lions
Barry Lee, like all of us, loves the small town of Lions. This year, Lions are back on the cycling map with a two-day event. Saturday is from Lyon to Jamestown TT.
Sunday August 22 – Rally Sports Peak to Peak Road Race
After Covid’s one-year vacation, the race will take you from the town of Lions from the peak to the peak highway to the cool little town of Nederland, which athletes love. Come on, join the festival.
Saturday, August 28 – Sunday, August 29 — Pagan Pedal University MTB
The university MTB season is approaching. It all starts at the end of the month with Crestet Butte. With 200-250 athletes on weekends, it should be a great time. Thanks to Western University for starting the season. Saturday will be XC and DH.Sunday is
Pay attention to college athletes. There are no registration days for any college event this season.If you want to race, you need to sign up via Before the deadline. Also, a one-day license is not granted. An annual license for USA Cycling is required. Getting it may not be a quick and easy process, so get started now!
Now accepting registration, Closes at 5pm on Thursday, August 26th.. What’s happening on the road race from Colorado Cycling – 303 Endurance

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