What we are grateful for in the 2021 motorcycle

Today is Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, but even one of the many international readers of Common Tread has no bad days to pause and thank for the reason.Thanks Improves mental health and outlook on life..

And since we’re talking about motorcycles here at Common Tread, we share what we’re grateful for in the context of motorcycles, in the wake of unprecedented 2020, and in the still turbulent year of 2021. I decided to do it.

Patrick is grateful that this is his (very large) backyard. Photo by Patrick Garvin.

Patrick Garvin: My backyard is a treasure trove of horseback riding

I am grateful for the public land and trail system. Moving from the Midwest a few years ago to the West of South Dakota was a big surprise to me. It was a godsend to have thousands of miles of public roads here in the Black Hills and surrounding states like Colorado and Wyoming. Taking off from home on a dirt bike and spending all day in the woods is hard to give up now that I have access to it. If you don’t live in a state that has access to a large amount of public land, you won’t know what’s missing. That’s something I never take for granted. The lack of such access is now a very big part of my life, as it can be a soul-crushing thing.

After a day's ride at the Dirt Dual Sport Babes
As Jen rediscovered this year, a day of horseback riding and subsequent night socializing is a great way to make like-minded new friends. Photo by Gabe Dilla.

Jen Dunstan: Join a new team and make new friends

We are grateful to the motorcycle community and family for their continued growth this year.from Join the RevZilla team And participate in several events such as Girl in Dirt Dual Sport Experience When get on! ADV fest, I made a lot of new riding companions. The connection of the two wheels is different from the others.

Zack Coates: Father and son rides finally happen

In March 2020, my dear dad was planning to leave Green Mountain to visit me in California. I booked two BMW R 1250 GS rentals from MotoQuest in Long Beach. Over the course of a few days, I climbed the Pacific coast to Portland, Oregon. Three days before his departure, the world was closed and the trip was cancelled. A year and a half later, American Airlines’ credit expired and he finally rebooked his ticket. I had to wait for the MotoQuest rental, but Ali lent me a Kawasaki Versys 650. The weekend before this Thanksgiving spends a corner together in and around Los Angeles, it’s probably the only one that can beat this year’s turkey-friendly cranberry sauce.

Commute by bike in the Los Angeles area
Is commuting fun? Sure, if you think of it as a bonus bike time. Photo by Spencer Robert.

Spencer Robert: Thank you for commuting?

I need to check the city records, but I may be the first to say thank you for commuting in Los Angeles history. The City of Angels is famous for extending miles of paved roads to hours of traffic, unless you ride a motorcycle. And given that my love for motorcycles is about the same as my hatred for traffic, biking every day to the office is a perfect excuse. I zip up in my car, sneak into some wheelies, ignore the phone, enjoy the two-wheeled Zen moment, and then dive into the pool of work and life obligations for the rest of the day.

Brandon Wise: Motorcycles take me to great places

The day Reims asked us to thank us for this year’s motorcycle, I was about to board a plane to Los Angeles. I quickly realized how much travel I was able to make in 2021 and all the wonderful places and new faces I’ve seen: South Dakota, California, Utah, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and me. I’m sure there are a few other things m looking down. Importantly, thanks to these crazy motorcycles. Without a motorcycle, I would have rarely got off the sofa. Traveling is always fun, but whenever it’s a motorcycle, it enhances the experience. And being away makes me more thankful to the people at home.

Andy's used bike
With rising prices for used bikes, no one laughs at Andy’s collection of junk bikes anymore. Kawasaki Ninja 500 Saved from Scrap Heap I participated in the reliability rally. Photo by Andy Greaser.

Andy Greaser: Nobody calls my old bike a worthless junk anymore

As a used bike guy on Common Tread, I am grateful to the strongest used bike market I remember. All my junk bikes are suddenly worth something. Maybe those jaropies can go to a new home, I will eventually free up some garage space and a better motorcycle will replace them. (I would like to express my sympathy to those who are buying a used motorcycle now. It is wild.)

Ali riding a Dave Gixxer on a truck
Ali was grateful that he was able to get back on track with Dave Gixxer. Photo by Cali Photography.

Ali Henning: For real Twist the throttle

I’m glad that the track day is back to some extent. Maybe I was the only one who paid attention to the peak of the pandemic, but in 2020 I couldn’t drag my knees too much. We didn’t have that many tires booming in 2021. Remind yourself how thrilling and satisfying your track days are.

After riding off-road with Get On, Jen, Brandon and Spurgeon smiled. ADV fest
Spurgeon is grateful that the motorcycle event has resumed. This allowed me to make new friends and ride with old friends such as Jen and Brandon. Photo by Katrina Arias.

Spurgeon Dunbar: Motorcycle event — and ride with friends — is back

I was most grateful for the return of the motorcycle event, and more specifically for the opportunity to participate in RevZilla’s first foray. get on! ADV fest In South Dakota in July of this year. It was my first time to ride the Black Hills, and I was able to ride for 9 consecutive days from preparation to the event. I met my old friends and I was able to meet new friends. It was one of the best riding weeks I’ve had in the last few years. It was a good memory to shut off the computer screen and go out and ride. Also, thank you for lending me the BMW F 850 ​​GS, so please give a word to BMW.

Lance Oliver: A team I never dreamed of

More than seven years ago, when we launched what became the Common Tread, the “team” consisted of two distant part-time contractors, bringing together some content and drawing attention. I was hoping for. Now I have the luxury of being able to call the bench of the deepest talent in the US motorcycle media. If you have the opportunity to test drive a big adventure touring bike, Spurgeon can ride skillfully on and off the road and evaluate it in detail.If it’s a high-powered sport bike, I know Ali, Zack, and Jen can push it onto the track and test it much better than I do (and maybe). While narrating a seamless explanation of the vehicle, Specs, and everything — great). Spenser is a valuable news resource for me as it is not only a creative and hard-working video editor, but also very deeply involved in what is happening in the industry. If you have any technical questions, you can contact Patrick, Ari, or Andy. They are experts in various areas of maintenance, repair, restoration, and customization, respectively. And I haven’t yet found a gear question that Brandon couldn’t answer from memory. On top of that, there are also truly talented freelance contributors. I could call it a dream team, but to be honest, when it all started, I never dreamed of that big thing.

What are you grateful for? It’s good for your soul to deliberately focus on gratitude, so please share your gratitude in the comments. What we are grateful for in the 2021 motorcycle

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