What offers the most compelling suggestions?

Bounce has become India’s latest EV startup to join the trend of electric scooter makers. Homemade EV startups have launched their first electric scooter, the Inifinity E1. It competes with rivals such as Ola S1 and Ather. 450X, Bajaj Chetak Electric, TVS iQube etc.

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Overall, the Bounce Inifinity E1 has corrected its growing interest in the electric scooter segment in the Indian market over the past few months.

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In the Indian motorcycle market, the demand and popularity of electric scooters is increasing rapidly, and the personal mobility and preference for high gasoline prices are increasing. In addition, improved reliability of electric scooters and a wide range of choices have spurred this demand. Electric scooters are also promoting the overall adoption of EVs in the Indian private car market. This is due to poor performance in this segment.

The Ola S1 is the most hyped and the most talked about Electric scooter So far, it is doubtful that bounces can challenge it with Infinity E1 in this country. While the Ola S1 comes with a full consumer ownership model, Bounce has introduced a blend of both the ownership and subscription models into Infinity E1.

This is a comprehensive comparison of two electric scooters to understand what offers better suggestions to consumers.

Bounce Infinity E1 vs Ora S1: Price

The Bounce Infinity E1 is offered at a very competitive price and is cheaper than the Ora S1. Bounce offers this scooter as a whole package and also offers a battery option as a service.Although the entire package is available to consumers 68,999 (former showroom, Delhi), you can also choose the battery option as a service. This allows him or her to buy a scooter sans battery at. 36,000. If you choose the battery plan as a service, the scooter owner will have to pay an additional fee for the battery service package through the monthly subscription plan.

The Ola S1, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a replaceable battery, so it’s available throughout the package.The price of this electric scooter is 85,099 (former showroom, Delhi).

Bounce Infinity E1 vs Ora S1: Design

Bounce Infinity E1 is designed with a retro-modern theme. The front profile of this scooter is notable for its fresh look, which blends modern elements with retro styling. It features LED projector headlamps, integrated LED daytime running lights, digital instrument clusters with Bluetooth, alloy wheels, LED taillights and more.

The storage under the seat is large enough. The Bounce Infinity E1 runs on 12-inch alloy wheels wrapped in tubeless tires. Stopping power is provided by 230mm front disc brakes and 203mm rear hydraulic brakes. The scooter comes with a seat height of 780mm and a ground clearance of 155mm.

The Ola S1, on the other hand, has the same unique design as the Etergo Apps cooter. The dual beam LED headlamps look like they were inspired by the movie “Wally”. The 7-inch touchscreen digital instrument cluster also offers a number of connectivity options and features. The scooter gets LED indicators, LED tail lights. Works with 12 inch alloy wheels wrapped in tubeless tires. The scooter gets multiple riding modes. Due to the braking obligation, it gets front and rear disc brakes.

When it comes to overall design, the Ola S1 looks much better than the Bounce Inifinity E1 and other electric scooters in India. However, in terms of functionality, the Ola S1 is far ahead of the Bounce Infinity E1. The Ola S1 features a unique battery management system, automatic locking, anti-theft alarms, multiple user interfaces for digital displays, geo-fence and more.

Bounce Infinity E1 vs Ora S1: Battery, Range, Performance

The Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter uses an IP67 rated replaceable 2 kWh 48V battery pack. This battery pack is paired with a rear wheel based BLDC hub motor. This scooter has three different riding modes: drag, eco and power. In power mode, the scooter can run at a top speed of 65 kmph. The Bounce Infinity E1 can travel a range of 85km on a single charge.

The Ola S1, on the other hand, features Moire’s powerful 2.98kWh battery pack combined with an electric motor. The motor on this electric scooter can produce an output of 8.5 kW and can operate at a top speed of 90 kmph. The Ola S1 is claimed to have a range of 121 km from a single charge. This means that you can drive much longer distances than the Infinity E1.

Bounce Infinity E1 vs Ora S1: Verdict

The Ola S1 electric scooter has many additional features compared to the Bounce Infinity E1. In terms of design, the Ola S1 looks much more stylish and modern than the Bounce Infinity E1. It also provides a better range and more power. The wide range of connectivity options and navigation features on the tab-like digital display also add to the appeal of the Ola S1. What offers the most compelling suggestions?

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