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Welch’s to maximize the opportunity of Chili Bowl

Dillon Welch replaces the mic with a handle only a few times a year, one of which comes to the Chile Bowl Nationals.

NBC Sports broadcasters have a reputation for watching every January and have the power to move quietly and get positive results. No on Thursday qualifying night. After piloting the 81XCB Industries Toyota in 2nd place heat and qualifying, it made no difference as it finished 7th in Stout A features including 3 times Chile Bowl Champion Christopher Bell and others. Tanner Sawson, CJ Really, Brady Bacon.

“It was a really smooth night for us,” Welch told RACER. “Every time I went to the course in qualifying early in the night, I made progress. This is really the only thing I have to do here. Make sure to move forward every time I go to the course. Make us a good spot feature. Put it in, and the track was played to the strengths of those who started on the front lines just because it was a difficult track to pass. I’m really grateful to all these guys at CB Industries. It’s really hard to compete in these cars, but to do that you need a reliable crew chief and a reliable car. These guys do it every time I’m on the truck Without them, it wouldn’t be possible at all, so I’m very grateful. “

As a result, Welch’s will be pushed into B-Main on Saturday. Indiana natives are certainly not confident in participating in this year’s edition of the midget car racing Crown Jewel event, but they encountered a unique sensation while running Thursday.

“I strangely felt this was calm all day long,” he said. “Usually I’m nervous and just feeling the pressure. I think everyone is here. But today I’m focused on one race at a time so I’m calm and not mentally tired. I tried. I think it worked. So I think I was able to do what I needed to say that I have more laps here than any other midget track I raced on. Just for a reason, I always find it good to be here. But it’s very difficult. Sometimes to have a good night, everything needs to work. “

For Saturday, the opportunity for Welch to create a main event and fight it for the Golden Driller Trophy could be realistic.

“We feel like we can make an A,” he said. “The car is good enough. I think I started in 14th place in B and finished in 5th place in 2016. Things happened, B-Mains were crazy and the guys raced hard. It feels good because I’m already hunting just because I’m in B, but to be honest, I participate in this race every year with the goal of changing into the opening ceremony, which is the C main. That inexperience doesn’t really disappoint. I think I’ve already checked all the check boxes, so I’m trying to do everything I can on Saturday to get as many spots as possible and make a show. If not, I don’t think it bothers us. Mostly, we just want to put the cars together. “ Welch’s to maximize the opportunity of Chili Bowl

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